Why Does SEO Agency Need FTP Access?

FTP access is a very powerful and necessary tool for the SEO agency. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, which enables you to share or transfer files from your computer on the internet. FTP is used by many organizations and businesses, which includes SEO Agency.

So why does SEO agency need FTP access?

SEO is more than just what most people think. Yes, a proper SEO strategy should include keywords and optimization of back-end elements such as titles, meta descriptions, images and content. But it also involves: developing targeted keyword strategies for traffic generation; carrying out competitor analysis to identify lucrative markets with low competition; identifying inefficiencies on a website that have limited conversion rates or high bounce rates to improve conversion rates; review for up-to-date practices in web design and usability standards. And more importantly, the technical aspect of SEO. Most if not all technical issues can be fixed only by amending the source code of the website.

Here are some of the reasons why FTP access allows SEO agency to work better and more efficiently:

1. FTP Access Is A Must Have For Website Maintenance And Troubleshooting

FTP access is crucial in troubleshooting and fixing issues that arise on a website. For instance, if you receive reports of broken links or anything amiss with the site to be fixed. FTP access is also necessary for making quick changes to websites like updating meta tags ,redirects, robots.txt files, .htaccess files, etc., without affecting the whole server as FTP permits users to make modifications at isolated locations within user accounts.

2. It Gives Your SEO Agency Access To Edit Content That’s Not Editable Through Your CMS

FTP is a good solution for editing content that can’t be modified or updated through your CMS and website. You could FTP the content you want to update and edit it right on your FTP client, then replace the older file with the new one.

The FTP opens up a whole new level of site management and development that is inaccessible through the CMS-based control panels. If there’s need to add or remove data tags (meta: description, title and keywords) this cannot be done from cPanel unless of course you have full access privileges which most people will not because these tags shouldn’t be tampered with anyway. Also, FTP access allows administrator to alter tag blocks without affecting other website elements.

3. FTP Access Provides Increased Security To Your Website By Allowing You To Update Files Without Having To Expose Yourself To Hackers

FTP provides users with an interface for uploading files, checking existing website copy and content versions, deleting unwanted files – all from a secure channel separate from the Internet. FTP also allows you to inspect server pages without modifying them in any way, thus keeping your changes safe from being overwritten and lost accidentally. The FTP solution gives you more freedom than the limited ‘subversion’ control that most scripts provide.

4. FTP Access Helps Your SEO Agency To Diagnose Website Errors And Solve Them More Effectively

FTP allows you to view all server pages, including error pages that are not visible through the control panel interface alone. So FTP gives you a better idea of what is happening with your site, from log files to website statistics to back up procedures and security checks.


With the FTP access, you are granting them access to the most sensitive data of your business – your business email addresses. So it’s also very important that you are fully aware of what kind of service this SEO agency provides before handing over the access to your company’s digital assets. Always work with a reputable and trustworthy SEO provider for a peace of mind.

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