What You Should Be Aware Of With SEO In 2022

The good news is that SEO isn’t going anywhere and the focus on search engine ranking will continue to be a priority for SEO agencies. However, there will continue to be more changes and it’s important to always stay up to date with what’s happening within this industry. Here are some of the things you may expect in 2022.

More focus on user experience

As Google place more of a focus on mobile and voice search, expect them to look increasingly closely at what users are looking for and how they found your content.

One of the best things that can be done for your website’s SEO is to provide a good user experience. Focus on what you do well, and don’t try to emulate your competitors too closely. Since Google are placing more emphasis on click-through rates, look at how people come to your site, and make sure that they get the information they need quickly.

In 2022, keyword searching will have a greater application for everyday life. Because to the usage of voice recognition in mobile devices and internet software, consumers will be more inclined to use casual-conversation types of questions on the internet.

Keywords such as “best seo agency singapore” is how user search for when it’s done by typing. With the increase of popularity in voice searching, “finding the best seo agency in singapore” can be considered as a new keyword to target in 2022.

Content will be king

Google is planning to introduce a ‘Knowledge Vault’. This new technology will mean that searchers can find out exactly when and where certain things happened, and who was involved in them (similar to Wolfram Alpha).

If Google know this type of information about your business or industry, they are likely to show it off by including it in SERPs.

The focus will be on ‘evergreen content’. This is content that provides a resource for people looking for information. This could be a blog post, or perhaps an infographic. The idea is to have information that will hold relevance for years, not just months.

It’s all about getting the right content that searchers are looking for, rather than just driving traffic to your website.

Links will remain important but may become less significant

Google is getting better at understanding which links are naturally occurring and which ones have been set up for manipulative purposes (paid links). As a result, marketers can expect organic link building techniques to be more effective than paid options in the near future.

Link building is still a very important part of SEO, and you should always aim to increase your backlink profile as much as possible. However, it’s becoming clear that Google are moving towards penalties for marketers who take things too far with offsite SEO techniques.

The keyword will remain king

Google understands user intent, but they are also keen to understand context. They are getting better at understanding the relationships between words in a query.

If you target single keywords, you are missing out on around 70% of queries about your business, so it will be important to start taking an interest in long-tail keywords.

Keywords are still relevant in 2022 but it will unlikely be the main focus in SEO strategies. Instead, Google will likely begin looking at user intent and searchers’ feelings when doing keyword research.

Tech advances could change the game again

Google might want to delve into how we think and feel, with their RankBrain technology. This is an artificial intelligence system which learns on its own and has the ability to understand queries in a different way to humans and traditional search engines.

Who knows what Google will be capable of in 5 years’ time? It’s likely that SEO techniques will continue to evolve, but the core principles of on-site optimization and creating evergreen content will always apply.

Keep your eyes open for changes in SEO, and keep reading great news and updates like this one over at our blog section.

More use of videos and images

Putting pictures and videos on content is very beneficial and practical for your readers. Adding visual content to an article draws the reader’s attention to your site and let them explore more.

This will likely be another trend that increases in 2022, as marketers look for new ways to stop their articles looking bland and uninteresting. It’s important not to stray too far from what Google wants though, so if you are using images or video, ensure that they are relevant to the content.

Local SEO to thrive in search results

As Google continues to further its mission of providing the most relevant results to users, local SEO will continue to thrive. With more consumers preferring to search for local businesses on their mobile devices, it is no surprise that Google has continually made changes to SERPs in order to give users relevant results when they search for “near me” queries.

An SEO agency’s role in 2022

If you are planning to hire an SEO agency in Singapore, then understand that they have to not only look after your search engine ranking, but also help you increase the user experience of your website. When Google makes any changes, whether it’s Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird (or something else!), SEO agencies need to be ready to adapt to these changes and make any necessary adjustments to clients’ websites. The future of local SEO is clear, and begins with enhanced campaigns. Marketers will be pushing for more personalized results, so expect to see a lot of changes in the way Google presents location-based info on SERPs.

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