SEO Website Optimization, The Key To Business Success

The success of a business depends on many important elements. It’s not just about the quality of products or services, the staff running it and the marketing strategy campaign. All within the business’ organization needs to work together, and even the smallest details can greatly affect the entire operation.

In the Internet world, the competition is tougher than you think. It’s very important to be visible out there and be noticed in the search engines, and how do we do that? That is through the help of SEO or search engine optimization, getting that top spot ranking organically.

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However, SEO is so much more than you think. There is one component that most businesses don’t give a lot of emphasis on, and that is SEO web design. This is actually a very important aspect to ensure success in your business and beat your competitors. Let’s take a look at the following top five reasons why:

1. You Attract & Retain Your Website Visitors

It does not matter what type of industry you are in. If you have a website, then you need traffic because without it, your business could be losing a potential buying market.

SEO web design plays an important role to boost your ranking in search engines. When you are visible in SERPs especially in the first page, you’ve got hundreds or even thousands of possible clients that are looking for similar offers that you have.

The main key here is your web page being responsive to the users because this matters a lot to them. If you understand how they behave when searching for information over the web, you are more likely to attract clients, which can increase your business’ revenue. With this, you need to get your website speed always up and running to maintain your site’s responsiveness.

Website Speed Matters A Lot

Every second counts. The longer your page takes to load up; the higher chance of losing potential visitors. They could be users who clicked on your PPC ads or links from other sites just to visit your web page and if that’s the case, this traffic could become a cost on your part.

For just even 2 seconds of delayed page loading time, you can lose about 12% of users who clicked to go to your page. If it reaches 4 seconds, about 25% could be lost. It’s going to be worst if it takes longer.

According to statistics, less than half of the people are actually willing to wait up to more than 6 seconds time. Surprisingly, about 25% of users said they won’t move on to another site because they are using a mobile phone and that the load time is just as almost as fast as their desktop computer.

If you are paying for ad clicks, make sure they don’t leave the site so easily. Being speedy is just one of the factors; let’s explore more, shall we?

2. It Helps In Attracting Valuable Site Traffic

You might be having traffic on your page but the question is, are they your potential clients? SEO web design can greatly help in attracting the right market that could turn to paying customers and even be sharing your business offers with other people.

You can achieve this by combining different design features, style essentials, widgets, text and images that look enticing to your target market. It is recommended that you work with someone who is knowledgeable in this field, a professional who can work with your preferences because a lot of the web design features won’t be found on cookie-cutter and other build-your-own or D-I-Y pages platforms.

If you want to attract the right market, you will want to look at:

  • Who your potential clients are. You make a demographic profile listing down the gender, income, education, family size, profession, etc., so that you can target a specific market to make it appealing to that certain group.
  • What forms of visuals your audience can connect with.
  • What your specific audience would like to learn or get from the site. It may include ordering and purchasing a product, membership payment, be entertained with content, etc.
  • What your rivals in the industry are doing such as their activities and promotional strategies.

Being aware of the details above can all contribute to your SEO scheme and here are things on what it determines:

  • What you organize on your web page itself to build a good foundation within, which is also known as On-Page SEO.
  • What you organize off the site focusing on strengthening the website from the outside, which is also known as Off-Page SEO.

It can also tell what you are doing to keep everything going and maintain the traction of your website, including its ranking. Unmaintained web pages will slowly be overtaken by the other website competitors who will affect your business’ performance in time.

3. It Can Positively Affect User Experience

Have you ever tried visiting a boring and uninteresting website? The design looks like you just want to move on to another site because you’re not happy being there. The colors are too dull or painful to look at. The fonts are not consistent. You can’t navigate in it properly, and everything is almost just annoying for you. This kind of page that contains such features may have some SEO elements in it, but they are not optimized with the intention to provide a great user experience to visitors.

Visitors who are distracted definitely won’t stay long nor have the patience to navigate through all the site’s features. However, if you have an excellent web design, the experience of your page visitors will definitely be positive and seamless. Your website should be consistent no matter what type of device they are on, and it should be user-friendly at the same time.

A smooth web design has great benefits for your business such as the following:

  • It cuts the length of the buying phase.
  • It avoids customer agitation.
  • It lowers acquisition expenditures.
  • It boosts leads.
  • It can increase transactions.
  • If your revenue goal is an affiliate ad, affiliate clicks will increase.
  • A boost in your upsells.
  • It can increase sharing.
  • You will have more repeat customers.
  • You will gain an excellent stable lifetime customer value.

Your web design is the core of your online visibility that can strengthen the efficiency of your online marketing activities.

4. It Is Enhanced For Conversions

We all know how important it is to attract your potential market online, but closing the sale is also another thing. CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization can help to improve every elements of your website to encourage and generate more conversions.

Micro-conversions are small details and acts that users do in your page, and they have an impact too. Examples are:

  • Signing for email newsletter.
  • Clicks a link.
  • Clicks a lightbox.
  • Watches a video.
  • Takes a quiz.

Even the smallest actions can affect your site visitors.

  • They learn more about your business, product or services.
  • They feel bound to keep on navigating.
  • A connection can be established between your brand and the page visitor.
  • They like what they see and want to know more, they are going to bookmark your page.

Not everyone will decide to act and purchase during the first time they visit. It takes about 7-13 touch points before a person becomes a paying client. However, these micro-conversions may also mean that they did not just drop by, and that you have earned their time.

SEO experts also look at the micro-conversions for them to find more ways on how to optimize the experience of the user. Google can track even the littlest connections, and if it sees the user has been staying and navigating; they will consider it as a positive experience for the user and this affects your ranking.

5. It Can Boost Up Organic Search Traffic

Organic search rankings are earned, and you did not pay any type of ads for the top rank. More than 70% of traffic is driven by organic search traffic.

Today, most searchers prefer to click on organic search results, and those results usually appear at the top of the SERP. If your brand is ranked at the top, it means your site provides the best answer to the user’s query.  Google continues to develop its algorithms so that users will only get the most relevant results.

Now you are informed of the importance of SEO Web Design. You will surely reap its benefits if you keep an eye on even the most little details of your SEO campaign.

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