Web Design Questionnaire

Web Design Questionnaire

Please fill up this questionnaire as it will provide valuable information for us in order to better understand your needs and requirement.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required

    1. Domain Registration & Hosting

    a. Do you need us to register a domain?*

    (if yes, please indicate your preferred domain name)


    For registration of .com.sg or .sg domains, we require either your Company Registration Number or NIRC number of personnel registered with ACRA.

    b. What is the URL of your existing website (if any)?

    c. Do you want to switch over and use our hosting service?*

    (package includes free Web hosting for 1st year)


    d. Please provide your FTP and cPanel login credentials if you are using current hosting.

    e. Details of the main contact person for future updates and domain/hosting renewal (for any changes in the future, you can contact us at admin@outrankco.sg)


    Contact Number*


    Company Name*

    Company Address*

    2. Company Discovery

    a. What is your primary business industry?*

    (i.e. F&B, Manufacturing, Health, Leisure, etc.)

    b. Who is your target audience/customers?

    (i.e. professionals, corporate buyers, students, etc.)

    3. Design Specification

    a. What is your corporate color (if any)?

    (we recommend using your corporate color as the website color scheme for a consistent brand identity. Please let us know if you prefer using other colors)

    b. What is your corporate/preferred font-type (if any)?

    c. List down 2 - 3 reference websites that you like, and what do you like about these websites?

    4. Page Content

    a. List down the pages you need on your website*

    (i.e. Home, About Us, Gallery, Products, Projects, Contact Us, etc.)

    b. Send us your business logo, content write-up, product photos/images via Dropbox or WeTransfer. Alternatively, you may email the content to us.

    c. Do you have your own photos/images to be used on your website?

    (we can provide and propose up to 3 royalty-free images, based on the industry as indicated above)


    d. List down your social account(s) URL so that we can integrate on to your website

    (e.g. facebook.com/outrankco)

    5. Others

    a. What is your expected timeframe/launch date?*

    b. What other features do you need on your website?

    (there may be additional charges depending on the type of features you need. Talk to us for more information)

    c. Any other special instructions for our team?

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