Ways To Increase Conversion Rate

Aside from increasing your website traffic and sales that are both difficult to achieve, attracting potential customers to increase your website conversion is also one of the most challenging tasks in managing an online business. For the potential customers to discover your online presence, you must rigorously implement strategic practices such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

A common scenario in regards to the website’s conversion rate is when the web traffic is high, but the conversion rate is low. This is a good measure of your marketing strategy. However, with the trend of the report, it’s not good that both factors have different scales. If this happens on your website, the best thing to do is conduct a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to assess your conversion rate.

In fact, this is a normal outturn to every online business. Attracting potential customers to increase conversion rate is a big deal; although it won’t fully guarantee to bring success to your business, at least you achieved something out of your efforts. As a business owner, you should be comfortable dealing with different types of customers and exploring other marketing approaches. By doing such, it’s feasible to increase your conversion rate, and here are some of the most practical ways to do it.

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1. Website Customization To Ensure Quality User Experience

Improving your conversion rate is analogous to providing quality user experience. How would the customers convert if the experience with your website was poor? It’s a discouraging factor when a customer experiences poor service with your website especially having a hard time finding the product of their need. Always remember that it takes only an average of 2.5 seconds to convince a customer and beyond that time will be a bad reflection on your business. If your website loads more than 2.5 seconds, there’s a lesser chance that a customer will buy and could only lead to a low conversion rate.

To achieve a good conversion rate goes both ways, to provide a quality user experience and a solid marketing strategy. Good UX assures that the customer will engage more in your website and can influence their decision whether to buy or not. Maximize your resources in designing your website that resonates well with the interest of your target market.

Here are some factors of good user experience you might want to achieve with your website.

2. Fast Loading Speed

Easily loads the content without taking too much time. Avoid automatic play of the videos and audios as these could distract the customers. For images, make sure that all are in a high-quality format with the perfect size that won’t disrupt other elements on the webpage.

3. Mobile-Friendly Web Design

As mobile technology continues to grow, customers nowadays prefer more shopping online, so make sure that your website is accessible on mobile phones and responsive as it is on desktops or computers.

4. Organized Menu Bar

Make sure that your menu bar is optimized and organized to the click of the customers as this will allow them to easily navigate your website and direct them to the purpose of their visit.

5. Publish Quality Web Content

Web design is to attract, but quality content is to nurture. Customers don’t have the time to go through every webpage on your website. In fact, an unorganized website can lose interest in the customers, and it will be harder to find the product of their need. The only effective way to influence the decision of the customers and prolong their time engaged in your website is through quality content. These reading materials provide answers to frequently asked questions, offer solutions, and as a new source of information. Make sure that your content resonates with the core interest of the customers that strongly deliver urgency, awareness, and calling for action.

In writing content, always remember AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Following this formal writing style can help you attract and nurture customers. Make use of strong verbs, present tense, and active voices to appeal to the side of the customers strongly. The goal here is to provide content that is useful and relevant to the customers to effectively deliver a clear message whatever you want them to know about your business.

6. Optimized Images

Images create a sense of an authentic experience to the customers, and it has more appeal to them compared to writings. If quality content is to nurture, then images are to prolong interest. Images add colour and life to your website, especially high-quality format. However, un-optimized images can cause your website to slow and lose the interest of the customers. Remember that people’s attention span is very short, and one of the effective ways to counterattack this kind of scenario is through images.

No one wants to engage in a website that has no pictures, and only words are on it. Images interact with the customer, especially for eCommerce websites that need to have high-quality images of the product they are selling. How can you convert customers if the visual presentations on your website won’t load and low-quality format? Images provide a dynamic experience to the customers as these materials have a clearer way of conveying information and more concise. Also, consider hiring a professional photographer to provide you high-quality images.

For example, if the customers from the skincare community are planning to buy a moisturizer on your website, they want to know first how to apply the moisturizer. With that, providing images on how to apply the moisturizer can help increase your conversion rate, and the customers can easily know the steps rather than reading the whole information.

7. Make Use Of Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia presentations include videos, GIFs, and many more options to entertain the customers and provide a much better way to deliver information. If images can prolong the engagement of the customer, how about videos? In this world of modern technology, internet users became dependent on videos or animations as a way of acquiring information. It has proven to be an effective and popular tool in engaging the customers more. In fact, 85% of the companies utilized videos for marketing their products or services.

Videos appeal way better than other multimedia methods, because aside from its entertainment purpose, it can easily hook the customers and add life and color to your website. It creates a dynamic experience with the customers and has more substance in conveying information.

Whether you are in B2B or B2C market, it’s highly encouraged to put up videos on your website to concisely inform the customers about your brand while providing small entertainment. For example, if the customers searched on ‘how to bake a cake’ and it happens that you provide a video about it because you’re selling materials and ingredient for baking, the customers will more likely visit your website, watch the video, and buy something from your brand as they might have a lacking material or ingredients for baking. It didn’t just market your business, but it also helps to increase your conversion rate.

However, making a video is quite tricky and can cause your website to load slower due to huge file size. In order to safeguard your CRO, optimize the videos to cater to a web-friendly design, and avoid auto-play feature. It is still recommended to invest a web agency that provides video optimization to improve your conversion rate.

8. Write Strong CTAs

Call-to-action is one of the most generic ways to attract potential customers, generate loyal customers, and increase the conversion rate. Aside from images and videos, the CTA button has more impact and appeal to the customers as it is solely made to sell your product and convert customers.

When writing your CTA, make sure that it conveys a clear message and creates a sense of urgency. The other purpose of a CTA is to deliver a strong tone to urge the customers into taking immediate action. However, CTA is not just an ordinary landing page or campaign ad. A good CTA is customized, creatively made, and substantial.

For example, if you want the customers to subscribe to your account, it’s more appropriate to say this, ‘Sign-up for free and receive the promotions and update right to your inbox’ instead of ‘Sign-up today!’ The tone of delivery for the two CTA is different, and the first example portrays more urgency compare to the other.

9. Build Trust Through Online Reviews & Testimonials

Customers nowadays find greater trust in online reviews and testimonies compared to a digital ad. An online review is a social proof of your service and the quality of your product. It can influence the decision of the customers as it is more of a personal recommendation refers by old customers. In fact, 88% of the customers consider online reviews before making a transaction, and even Mark Zuckerberg said that reviews are the holy grail of advertising.

If a potential customer receives a recommendation to buy from your brand, it can boost your credibility and trustworthiness. And with that, expect an increase in your conversion rate as new customers will recommend your brand to their connections. It works like a chain, or in other words, it a word-of-mouth strategy.

Consider making a review page where potential and new customers can see the reviews of the old customers and use it as a stamp of approval to gain more customers and improve conversion rate. Let the reviews speak for themselves.

10. Create A Good Contact Form

Contact forms are usually located at the bottom of the page and mostly ignored by many customers. It is the final step in converting customers, and it functions by making the customers leave a message then close the deal. An optimized contact form is a must-have for every website. It can guide the customers without taking most of their time. As a rule of thumb, always remember that site visitors have little to no patience when they are online shopping and want a fast transaction. Designing a good contact form prevents the customers from getting frustrated and a higher chance of a conversion.

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