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Video are becoming essential nowadays to connect and communicate with the customers. It provides a deeper opportunity to explore the brand, the products, and the company itself by integrating video marketing.

We have thorough understanding on how vide marketing works to grow your business and our professional team has proven excellent works to our previous clients.

video marketing singapore

Turning Your Vision Into Reality

When we say vision and reality, it resonates with out mission- as to deliver quality results to our clients like you. Together with out group of experts, we can formulate unique vide marketing content that will speak for the brand and its nature. If there’s other ways that can do so much better than video marketing, it’s video marketing. This is a part of our core services where we use different advanced tools and software to create, optimize, and manage videos on all online platforms.

Video Marketing is one of the best and fastest ways to connect and engage with your customers and considering the competition in the market setting the bar too high, it’s a great advantage to stand out against your competitors and achieve better output. Originality and creativity combined with a credible agency is all you need to raise up from the ashes and hold power in the competition.

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In What Ways We Can Help You With Video Marketing?

We offer different video marketing services for your business in terms of increasing traffic and lead, attracting potential customers, and boost sales.

Video Content Creation

Videos have three-dimensional perspective which is great for entertainment and informative purposes. If you’re planning to integrate video marketing on your business, videos are great advantageous attributes that deliver messages or intent comprehensively to the audience. We know how difficult it is to generate traffic and boost sales for your business but our experts will help you achieve your desires in order to grow.

Video Marketing Strategy

In order to penetrate your target market, it should start with a strong video marketing strategy that defines the goals and objectives of the business alongside understanding the audience. Our team of experts can help you formulate a strategy- a unique strategy that resonates with your business and knows what to address to improve and grow.

Video Collaboration with Influencers

Influencers have great potential in increasing and boosting social media presences through the use of their own platforms with million of followers. Collaborating with these individuals will definitely generate new potential customers and boost traffic on your website. Together with our team, we will guide you to choose the right influencer to represent and advertise your brand. This is a chance to work popular yet credible person to increase followers.

Generate Organic Views and Go Viral

Part of our services is to utilize all social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to reach the customers in an instance. The presence of the social media platforms is a great advantage, but you need an agency that is able to effectively generate views for the video. Our experts will optimize the videos to generate organic views by using advanced tools.

Video Campaign Ads

Video ads are one of the fastest growing ads and the reason is that, videos can easily tell a story to the audiences, communicate messages, and engage them much better. Our team of experts will help you run video campaign ads and integrate them in each platform to reach the audience.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the largest online vide streaming platform that has the fastest growth with millions of users. It’s a huge advantage for the business and we are here to help you create and manage your account on YouTube to get more views.

One Process, Millions of Achievement

Video Marketing is not only on the standards of creating a video, but it embodies the whole process to create quality videos for the audiences. Following this process is definitely worth the hype.

singapore video marketing

Demonstration Phase

Demonstration phase is where our team of experts will show different accomplished works of the agency and options to choose from in creating the video. This is to show the credibility of the agency and how you can trust us to achieve your goals in business.

Content Researching

It’s highly vital to know what content or pieces of information should be transformed into a video format. Knowing the content will greatly help hasten the vide production as the content itself is the foundation of the video that will communicate the audience. Our experts will be focusing more time on this phase by researching the lacking knowledge in the market and use it as an opportunity to introduce new information.

Creative Planning

We value your business needs and we want to work with you on a budget-friendly scale to create world-class quality video. This part will tackle the outcome of the researching, developing a storyboard or message, script writing, scope of the production, and initializing the release of the video.

Pre-production Video Process

Pre-production process is the start of making the videos by incorporating all the planned creative process on the previous part. Our experts will be translating the texts and encoding the message or intent to the video.

Video Production Process

This is the time-consuming part of the process by editing and rendering the video while maintaining high-quality resolution lead by our team of experts. Our team will ensure that the video is perfectly made.

Publishing the Video

After the production, our experts will import the video to your USB or devices so you can take a look first before publishing. Afterward, we will depend on your decision on where to publish the video in pursuit of achieving your goals. We are giving you the power to choose what platform you will publish the video.

Customization Is All You Need

We always value the needs of our clients and we are also responsible to give them what they want and what they want to do. As a digital marketing agency in Singapore, we know the significant value of customization and personalization. Clients should take control on building their dreams and achieve they want starting with:

Video Customization

This is part of our services where we let our clients decide on what video they want to create for their business that resonates to the audience. Only you know what your goals are and how to achieve it and instead of fully in control, we let you have the freedom to curate your own video and our experts will be assisting the process.

Choose Own Video Aesthetics

The duration of the video can bring so much potential to deliver a message or tell a story and we are giving you the freedom to choose the aesthetics of the video. Choose a transition, color gradient, font for the subtitles, effects, filter, and adjustment level. Our team of experts will assist you on this process to curate the best vide content for your business.

Picking a Platform to Publish

After creating the video content, our team will ask some questions on where to publish the video. There are many social media platform and other online platforms where potential customers are using and it’s important to assess where to penetrate. If your goal is to generate customers, then infiltrate platforms that are communication-based. If your goal is to increase social media presence and follows, then social media is a good integration.


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