The Fact On Broken Link Building

When talking about link building, every good thing about it is being heard from across the room but what will happen if it’s about broken link building? Is it still a form of link building? This topic is quite on a hot-seat right now as half of the SEO experts and marketers that offers SEO services are agreeing on it while the other half are already done with it. However, this conversation has also confused web owners and other people, considering it might help them generate traffic but with the commotion going on, it’s hard to trust which side.

Just like other marketing tactics, broken link building has flaws and advantages but there are still many professionals saying how such a waste of time it is. Before diving into the arguments, it’s much better to understand the basic concept of it first.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a tactic where marketers and web owners find, recreating a dead content then connecting the dead content to the link. It sounds displeasing and to think many people have resorted to this act, it could definitely jeopardize their website. To be clearer, a broken link is a link on a website that doesn’t contain any content that is used for referencing and will only display a big graphic saying, “Page Not Found 404.” Almost every user on the internet have experienced this when they are being forced to click on a link but ends up empty and broken.

However, there are still many websites integrating broken link building as their link building tactic due to some quality advantages it can offer. There are millions of websites on the internet and it’s logical to say that broken links equate to that number. Doing broken link building can be likened to cleaning a dirty house where all the dead links represent the dirty furnitures. Every time someone links to a content and the page is deleted, another broken link is formed and considering it happens on every website, there could be limitless number of broken links. The best part about it is that whenever the webmasters decide to clean and relaunch an old website, broken link building is also the solution to correct these undirected links.

Nonetheless, as mentioned earlier, many people still resort doing broken link building in order to generate traffic and leads. Broken link building should not be the only link building tactic that everyone should be using but only a part of linking building. It offers great advantages for the websites such as:

  • It builds links on pages that has good authority score, which is vital for both users and search engines in order to be rewarded and receive more traffic.
  • It builds links for relevant content, enhances online visibility, and growth of targeted pages.
  • It allows the web owners to inherit old quality links and leverage on the SEO authority score.

Broken link building is still a tactic under link building, in which people should be taking account into instead of fully integrating it to the business. To sum up everything, broken link building should not be used to serious marketing intentions and you have to be consistent in doing it considering the fact that it’s not an established practice. It’s everybody’s choice but just be careful on what you pick and sees as a strategy because not everything on the internet must be followed to boost your website.

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