Social media marketing (SMM)

social media marketing singapore

Social media marketing is the action taken in pursuit of creating content to promote your business and content to the target audience on the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and among others. Social media marketing is all about meeting the demands of the target audience and the people to interact and exchange business-related ideas.

Social media marketing is useful for any marketing penetration. Social media has so much marketing potential to interact with your followers, make campaign ads, utilize online tools, and use the right social media platform for your business. With us, our social media team has formulated the right strategies for your business. 

social media marketing singapore

If you want to post a content, information, or ads online, you need to choose the appropriate social media platform with integrated tool to achieve your marketing goals and boost SEO efforts. With our services located in Singapore, we will help you achieve those marketing goals powered with our social media solutions. 


Social media marketing offers various benefits for businesses and websites to increase their followers and time use. Here are the benefits of social media marketing and how we can provide solution to your needs as a social media marketing agency.

Increase Brand Awareness

In 2018, it was said that there were over 3.2 billion people on social media globally, either in Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and this huge amount of people using these platforms is an evident that social media is a good tool for building brand awareness. As a social media marketing in Singapore, it’s our duty to provide the best services and make quality content to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. 

Generate Leads

Using social media platform is a great way to generate lead and boost conversion because the people in these platforms are diverse and have different preferences. So, it’s logical to say that social media marketing is your solution in achieving your goals. Our social media marketing team values your need and have specialized the field of this concept. Grow and create with us.

Establish Relationship

Social media platforms have the biggest user of population and the interaction of the people is 24/7 and that makes it a strategic tool to connect and engage with the people. Social media marketing is a strategic marketing campaign that creates a bond between a business and a customer. To establish a good relationship with the people, our agency caters such services that will help you foster a good connection. What you need is our top priority. 


Social media marketing is everywhere and becoming vital for businesses to grow and boost their social media presence. In social media, increasing followers, campaign ads, and SEO efforts are the three important factors to reconsider and this is what makes social media marketing a need. 


facebook social media marketing singapore

Facebook is the largest and widely used social media app by the whole population and has the most unique features and accessibility. Using Facebook for social media marketing is a very great tool for marketing such as posting content, videos, commentary posts, and other information resources you can share to your target audience. In 2020, it’s mandatory for a business to learn how to use Facebook and Facebook ads to increase followers and sales. Potential customers in Facebook are lurking everywhere and whatever they see that captures their attention and worth of their time, they immediately convert becoming actual buyers. That’s why, it’s important for you to know how to use Facebook as a social media marketing tool to engage with people. Our agency will definitely help you achieve all your goals in Facebook marketing with the finest social media consultant in Singapore. 


Everyone can agree that Instagram is the social media platform for celebrities, influencers, collaborators, and now, for businesses. Instagram is right under the ownership of Facebook and it’s synced in both. It’s a widely used application with various features and business accessibility. Instagram is a great social media marketing tool for posting pictures, ads, videos, and other content to engage and connect with the audience. Also, not only Instagram is a great platform for interaction, but it offers wide range of business tools for eCommerce website to use for marketing purposes. From video and image posts, commentaries, to Instagram stories that are able to showcase the products to the right audience. As a digital marketing agency, if you want to increase your followers and boost conversion rates, we are here to help you with your wants and needs for the business. Our social media consultants will be your right hand in achieving your goals. 

instagram social media marketing singapore


twitter social media marketing singapore

Twitter is a social media platform, a microblogging platform that has good marketing features and various accessibilities for the people. Twitter is like Instagram combined with Facebook, but Twitter can reach to the different locations of the people and a great social media marketing specifically brand building. When using Twitter for social media marketing, it’s called Twitter marketing strategy. It’s a social media marketing that is focused on creating posts and campaign ads, then publishing them for the audience. Using Twitter as social media marketing is a great tool to increase followers, boost conversion rate, and attract many people. As an SEO and marketing agency, it’s our job to work with our best services and providing solutions to any business-related problems and using twitter social media marketing is one of those. If you want to make use of Twitter for your marketing strategies, you can create and grow with us and together let’s make the best social media marketing plan for your business brand.


YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform and considered as a social media platform. Using YouTube as a social media marketing platform is a great tool to market your products or services. With the various features provided by YouTube for the people, there are countless opportunity that this social media platform can offer. YouTube marketing is overlooked by many people and business owners without knowing its marketing capability to increase the followers of a business brand, boost sales, and increase conversion rate. YouTube is a social media platform that is widely used by many people similar to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but the sole content of it is a video. Videos are the published content on YouTube and it’s the main source of various information.

youtube social media marketing singapore


Identify Business Goals

Not all businesses know how to make a social media marketing strategy and some business owners don’t know how to use it. We are here to help you make a social media marketing plan for your business with our social media specialists and SEO team to define your goals then making an effort to achieve those goals.

Set Marketing Objectives

The objectives of your business are the drive to success, and you need to have solutions on how to increase sales and followers, boost conversion rate, and attracting people. Our team will assist you on this work and help you define the most targeted marketing objectives.

Define Your Customers

This is an important work because if a business fails to identify the customers and the people, it could result to low social media profile rate and slow brand building. Our SEO team and social media specialists will be assisting to make a buyer persona in targeting the right people and places to market your products or services.

Research Competition

There are thousands of businesses offering the same product and services like you and it’s difficult to stand out in social media without knowing your competitors. Our SEO team and social media specialists have both specializes this concept and will help you research the strength and weaknesses of other businesses. 

Choose The Right Social Media Platform

There are options for you to choose a social media platform in marketing your business and publishing your content but not all of them are great for your business. Our social media specialist will narrow the list for you on what social media platform should be use for effective marketing penetration.

Develop Content Strategy

Content is the sole of your social media account in marketing products or services and a strong content strategy is a need to stand out among other business, to connect with the people, and engage the customers from time to time.


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