Years ago, many entrepreneurs with business websites would hesitate at the idea of spending and investing in SEO.

But lately, such an idea has changed wherein SEO is now the key for websites to become more visible to internet users with the hope of making it to the top list of the search results. SEO strategies are continuously being refined by optimization specialists and webmasters and they are always on guard for the latest SEO trends that they can use to become more competitive than ever.

For the year 2020, some SEO trends are lining up, some are carryovers from the previous year, and some are still fresh that will need to be proven. Let’s take are look at the SEO trends that don’t want to miss for the year 2020.

Content Is King, But Video Is Going To Be The King Of Content

It’s already obvious how Google favors videos as they appear more on the first page of SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages compared to pages that have nothing else but plain text. Sites containing videos are expected to get about 82% share of all the internet traffic by the year 2022. Undoubtedly, profile video will continue to dominate in 2020 and beyond.

Web owners can take advantage of the ever-growing popularity in using videos by creating and publishing explainer videos about what the business offers. Creating YouTube videos that match the content of the website is an excellent way. However, the use of videos does not guarantee that the site will surely get a spot on first page of SERP’s, but Google will index the videos eventually which can boost the chance of gaining higher traffic.

Longer And High-Quality Content

Even if the use of video will dominate the Internet, the written words should not be set aside. Videos are indeed more engaging than reading articles and they are easier to digest too, but there are still web users who like to read, most especially if the pieces are well-written, relevant to your niche, and helpful for them. If we look at some studies done, a 2,000-word or longer articles are seen to be having more SEO waves in 2020, since they can become more noticeable compared to short write-ups and it would also want people to read on and continue staying longer in the site.

Consider the following if you want to publish high-quality content:

  • How-to-articles
  • Blog posts that are authoritative
  • Infographics
  • The “list” kind of posts

Use of Voice Search Will Continue To Become Popular

Voice search was popular in most adult web users in 2019, and about 40% used voice search at least once in a day.

Experts predicted that in the year 2020, adult users of voice search will increase to 50%, which will give it an equal footing with the traditional way of typing the words in the search bar. With this, SEO experts will need to work harder when it comes to matching voice search strings when optimizing, which will give them a better chance of getting a good rank in the voice search results. The SEO should be done in a way wherein it’s able to think and speak just like how their target market does.

Search Engine User Will Continue To Grow

Google has been dominating the charts as being the widely-used and most popular search engine for many years, but some other search engines have also made their mark and even got their share of users.

Apart from Google, many other search engines will be used by a lot of people in the year 2020. There will be more of YouTube, Amazon, and Bing users. Even the DuckDuckGo which is a newer search engine is going to get its users who will find it quite appealing in making search engine’s use a little more private.

The ideal search engine to optimize for is still Google, but it would definitely be worth it to boost SEO efforts for Yahoo, for example, as well. It’s not wise to forgo organic traffic, rankings, conversions and leads other search engines provide.

Companies Will Control Influencers For SEO

Advertisements have been around for a very long time, but people lately are not trusting and believing the message it tries to deliver compared to the reviews of famous influencers about a particular products or services.

It would now be down to authenticity and trustworthiness, where influencers are seen to be more trustworthy when stating their opinions about a certain products or services. There is no doubt that influencers can have an incredible swaying power over their followers, whom they engage in continuously.

Business owners with websites may start to gain control of more influencers for their website’s SEO in the year 2020. This does make sense as famous influencers merely need to mention or state their review on a channel or site to help generate backlinks, traffics and authority.

Use Of Mobile Search Will Still Continue To Dominate

This is definitely a no-brainer, just by looking at how decisive mobile has ruled the digital realm ever since 2016. The use of tablets and smartphones were the main choice for 80% of the user’s web surfing in 2019. Let’s go direct to the point, specifically for business owners; about half of those web visitors were using their mobile gadgets to perform their online business.

This continued domination of mobile use is very logical for SEOs to prioritize mobile optimization in 2020 and beyond. Disregarding so will surely have an impact and most probably miss out on the different benefits of performing well on mobile search.

SEO trends may change anytime but the above-mentioned trends will definitely be staying around for a long time.

Nonetheless, using these trends here won’t hurt your SEO strategies and plans when you apply them and make certain adjustments especially if you’re doing it right. SEO will continue to evolve, and whatever works today may not work anymore tomorrow. Have yourself updated with the trends and see which ones can help you boost that needed visibility of your website on the internet.

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