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The best SEO agency in Singapore providing SEO services, Internet & Digital Marketing solutions. Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that offers 24/7 free online traffic to business website by optimizing page content and keywords, helping customers in Singapore rank first page in Google SERP.

We are the leading SEO agency that provides SEO services & digital marketing solutions to help businesses in Singapore connect with their customers, at the same time outrank their business competitors in the SERPs. We are probably the only SEO agency in Singapore that offers 100% money-back guarantee on our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing services.


At Outrankco, we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the SEO agency in Singapore. We are probably the only SEO agency that provides 100% performance guarantee in our SEO marketing services.

We are confident to rank your website on the Google Search Engine (, and will offer a 100% money-back guarantee to Singapore businesses if we fall short on our promises.

Not only we defray your risk associated with unsatisfactory performance, the fears of engaging an under-performing SEO Search Engine Optimization agency will dissipate.

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What Set Us Apart From Other SEO Company in Singapore

We see ourselves more than just an SEO agency. We pride ourselves as a SEO digital marketing consultant. We provide consultation service, focusing on helping Singapore businesses to achieve its goals and objectives by proposing suitable solutions.

We advise and recommend SEO improvements that can be implemented within the framework and we strive to make SEO digital marketing works for you, neither more nor less.


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Discovery of Search Engine Optimization Marketing Goals

  • We will begin with an initial discussion to better understand and be familiar with what your goals are, what your business do and who your target customers is before we proceed on with an in-depth planning on your SEO marketing strategy.
  • We will identify your key competitors in Singapore and perform SEO analysis on your competitor’s website.

Planning Of Search Engine Optimization Strategy

  • We proceed with an SEO page audit on your website to analyze the content and discover strength and weakness of your website. This will also give us a basic idea on what can be enhanced and improved.

Execution Of On-Page & Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

We kick off with on-page and off-page SEO including but not limited to the following key services:

  • URL and various tags optimization for Search Engine
  • SEO content optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization schema markup such as organization schema, local business, product and FAQ schema
  • Fix the most pressing website SEO technical issues
  • Ensure website are silo-ed properly in accordance to the best SEO practices
  • Installing sitemap to allow Google to crawl and index your website

Search Engine Optimization Efforts & Results Monitoring

Your website may not consistently rank on the top of Google SERP due to keywords competitiveness, ongoing updates in Google algorithms and various competitive factors. Therefore, we will continue to optimize and monitor your website performance to maintain site ranking and ensure lasting success for your business.


What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Simply put, SEO is a digital marketing strategy that involves making specific changes to a website and its contents (known as on-page search engine optimization), with aims to achieve a high rank position in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

An effective SEO will ensure and increases the possibility of the Google Search Engine displaying your website on the first page of Google SERPs.

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How Much Does SEO DIGITAL Marketing Cost

Search Engine Optimization pricing in Singapore varies depending on the scope and the keywords difficulty. There is no one size fits all package as we believe every business’s goal is different.

We will do an SEO analysis and audit on your website and identify the keywords that are beneficial to your business, and the type of SEO services you require, before we provide you with a service fee.

Let us know your digital marketing budget so that we can work out a suitable proposal for your business.

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We all know how time consuming it is to run a website, moreover SEO. Let us handle your business SEO digital marketing work for you so that you can make use of your previous time to focus on other parts of your business.

What Makes Us The Best SEO Expert In Google Search Engine Optimization

We continue to stay up-to-date with the latest Google algorithm development as well as gaining new insights through our overseas SEO counterparts. We strive to rank you website to the top of Singapore Google SERPs.

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Why Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Important For Business

SEO digital marketing strategy has been proven effective by many companies that are now enjoying the benefits of SEO, including 24/7 free site traffic, brand credibility enhancement and more. Businesses definitely need SEO for their website and here are the 11 reasons why:

  1. Organic search is usually the main source of online traffic, and it’s absolutely FREE
  2. SEO helps to build business credibility and trust
  3. SEO usually equates to providing a better user experience to customers
  4. SEO can boost traffic, engagement and potential conversions
  5. SEO help to generate positive customer buying cycle
  6. SEO ‘forces’ you to get your website up-to-date
  7. SEO can help you understand the internet and digital world better
  8. SEO is perfect for those who have a tight marketing budget
  9. SEO is a long-term marketing strategy with life-long benefits to businesses
  10. SEO data is quantifiable
  11. Being ranked on the first page of Google SERPs is a definite win for the business in the digital world

SEO As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy in Singapore

Search Engine Optimization is a sought-after digital marketing strategy and the demand for it continues to grow, especially when customers are getting more tech-savvy. They will usually search online for information and research purpose before committing to a purchase. SEO gives a competitive advantage to businesses who want to have a share in the online platform. It is a good opportunity for businesses to meet the demands of the market through the Internet.
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"I believe this review is definitely long overdue. Thank you for the SEO services rendered to our company. Spending almost a year with another SEO agency, my site is still struggling to get to the 1st page. Thankfully right now I'm able to see our site appearing at the 1st page. It’s really incredible that the leads I’m getting increases day by day. It has been a wonderful journey and experience working with your team. Hope that my ranking will maintain at the current position (last checked it’s at no.2 position). Thank you once again.
Ps: You can keep your money-back guarantee, and congrats to your new incorporation!"

JC Soh

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing significantly helps the public find what they are searching for in Google, Yahoo or Bing.

It includes making changes to your website, optimizing its content and making your website visible on the Internet, especially in the search engine results. When done right, you can rank in the top of the search engines, thus driving traffic to your website which could generate potential leads in return.

Whether to target specific keywords with search intent, or a more general and highly competitive keywords will depend on what your business goals are.

For example: You are selling ‘luxury car’, and your SEO agency suggest targeting the exact keyword ‘luxury car’. Now this keyword is highly competitive, too generic and without any specific hints that the user is interested to buy, rent or simply just for viewing pleasure. Worst of all, your SEO agency may be charging you $2,000 per month to rank your webpage using this keyword without any guaranteed returns. A more suitable keyword to use can be ‘luxury cars dealer’ for example. You are assured that users who search for this particular keyword have the intention of buying a luxury car.

Talk to us to understand what works best for your business.

SEO marketing is more on organic search ranking, whereas Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also popularly known as Pay Per Click (PPC), is paid advertising.

SEO marketing may take longer time for it to work and produce the results you want, whereas SEM or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is just about instant. Your decision will greatly depend on what your goals are for your business.

If you want sudden traffic and you are okay in losing it after the time-frame of execution, you can consider Pay-Per-Click (PPC). However, if you want to establish a long-term yet stable traffic from organic searches, then you would want to consider SEO marketing.

If you have the financial means and assuming that all is done well by your SEO agency, your small business will see itself expanding and profiting. Unlike SEM, SEO looks at how optimized your website is, rather than how much money you spent on optimizing.

How long it takes to get the results will depend on the competition, keyword difficulty and the industry that you are in. Our promise to you is 50% of the keywords rank on first page of Google SERP within six months of service.

In Singapore, island-wide Search Engine Optimization usually refers to doing SEO at a country level. Local SEO (or area Search Engine Optimization) is to target a specific location/district/city (i.e. Orchard). In the US, due to its huge geographical size, they usually refer ‘area’ as ‘local’ SEO.

Choosing the best SEO agency can be daunting but there are some tips that you would want to keep in mind. The agency should have a clear idea on what SEO is all about. They should work on transparency and share information on what they are going to do to rank your website. Both the agency and yourself should be on the same page when it comes to measuring metrics like KPIs, keyword rankings, conversion rate, etc.

Here’s why choosing freelancers over a full stack SEO company may not be a good idea:

Skills Wise

  • It’s not easy to find an SEO specialist who has a broad-range of specific skills such as SEO content optimization, SEO keyword research and off-page Search Engine Optimization.

Lack of SEO Tools & Resources

  • Due to the lack of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO-specific tools and resources, SEO freelancers may finish the project longer than expected.
  • Some SEO freelancers may charge extra especially if they work during weekends and after standard office hours.

Quality of Work

  • Hiring an SEO freelancer is definitely a cost-saving options compared to a full-stack SEO digital marketing agency. However it may not be easy and time consuming to find the one that is reliable and trustworthy to deliver quality work and results.

Yes you can. Right now you can apply training grant from SkillsFuture Singapore and Workforce Singapore to attend short digital marketing course/workshop (such as this organized by NUS) to understand the basic of SEO and how it works.

If you are looking for advanced SEO strategies to propel your business to the next level, come talk to us for a free consultation.

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