Typical SEO Pricing Guide

Being in the first page and ranking at the top of Google’s results page is one of the main goals of businesses today. And choosing the right SEO company is very important. It’s all about how pleasant the experience is and the assurance of getting high quality and trusted SEO services. We then start to question the credibility of the company, and if the amount of Internet marketing investments is going to worth every cent? Most importantly, do we have assurance that SEO is going to work?

One of the concerns that we are going to talk about is the SEO package prices since most people think that high-quality service would mean it’s expensive. At times, this may be true; the perfect deal would be getting the balance between quality and price. But don’t be too surprise there are agencies out there that overcharge their clients for a SEO package.

You need to look at qualitative factors such as the efficiency of SEO and a cost-benefit analysis for you to get the best deal.

You’ll be learning here helpful tips on the things that you need to consider when you look for an SEO agency to become your partner and grow your business.

What An SEO Package Entails

Our first question would be what does a typical SEO package offer? Well to start you off with an idea, it commonly consists of website audit, keyword research, content optimization and progressive on-site and off-site optimization. A good SEO company will assigned a SEO specialist to handle your SEO project, giving you viable reports on what will happened and propose recommendations on what could be done.

The next question would be what is the mode of payment? Generally, the pricing package of SEO is charged by milestone. For example, you will pay a certain percentage to kick start the optimization work, and will then make progressive payment based on the agreed milestone that has been achieved.

– 30% of remaining balances payable upon ranking 40% of keywords on page 1.
– Remaining balances payable upon ranking 60% of the keywords at page 1.

Both the clients, especially the SEO agency have to be fully committed. This is why choosing the right company to work with is vital as SEO is a long-term investment.

So how much does it cost per month? For those who are willing to spend a little time reviewing quotations from various SEO vendors, you will realized an SEO price package can range from S$300 to $800, up to a whopping S$3,000 per month.

Why is there such a huge disparity in SEO pricing? Well, it can be due to the various factors such as:

  1. The number of keywords or keyword clusters provided
  2. The number of articles write-up provided
  3. Competitiveness of the keyword and the industry
  4. Are they doing local or Island-wide SEO?
  5. Are they providing citation submission?
  6. Are they going to setup GMB (Google My Business)?
  7. The proprietary software that will be used.
  8. The type of SEO strategies they employ (black or white hats)

The more work involved, the higher the price you’ll have to pay.

Types Of Search Engine Optimization Strategies

As what we have covered in the past articles, there are 2 types of SEO strategies, namely the White Hat SEO and the Black Hat SEO. You need to be informed of the different SEO strategies that may be done to your site.

How will you know if things are done correctly? You can check the backlinks of your site as to where it’s connected to. Find out the types of webpages that your website is linked to. Is it news article pages, a forum page or something foreign? Is it adding value to the Internet users or just to be recognized by the search engines?


  • Content is relevant.
  • Images are labeled well.
  • The links and references are all relevant.
  • The sentences are complete and used good grammar with correct spelling.
  • Compliant to the standards of HTML.
  • The page titles are all relevant and unique.

White Hat SEO techniques written above are all aligned with the rules and regulations of the main search engines. If you apply methods that are recognized as “bad,” your website will be banned once caught and nobody can get away with it. And if your site is being penalized, it will be hard for you to bounce back to the ranking, or worst, be shown in the search results.

With this, you just have to make sure that the SEO company you are working with will only apply acceptable methods such as the ones mentioned earlier. Some of the features of a good SEO include producing high-quality content, mobile-friendly website with optimized web loading speed.


  • Contents are duplicated.
  • The texts are invisible and keywords are stuffed.
  • The Internet user is redirected or cloaked to another website or page.
  • The links from other sites are not related or relevant content.

Black hat SEO is the opposite of White hat SEO, and you should stay away from it. The practices here are all unacceptable. Yes, you will be able to cheat your way up to the top rankings but you will eventually have to pay the price in the end. As what was mentioned, your website can be banned and may not be relisted anymore in the search engine. Believe it or not, there are agencies that are using this strategy. It’s a fast, effective way to rank your site. However it can expose your website to potential penalty from Google.


You can use this article as your advantage to stay away from those so-called SEO experts or companies that may just be ripping off your hard-earned money. You have to start asking why is it too cheap (too good to be true) and why is it so expensive?

Aside from the price, you should also check the different services that the SEO company is offering and how credible they are in Singapore.

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