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As modern technology continues to drive digital marketing, changes within the system would always be visible pertaining to the new and adapted strategies that work better than usual. With the number of businesses being built every day and the number of products produced, it’s getting difficult to choose the right brand to buy. But the evolution of SEO made it easier to identify businesses that are worth it, reliable, and of quality manufacturing. Google algorithm is constantly changing, and that leads to the changes in SEO – to provide more relevant results, quality content, credible resources, and functional link building strategy.

1. Highlighting the significance of domain authority

Back in the previous decades of SEO, domain authority hasn’t been that crucially important in the eyes of the business owners, instead of focusing more on quality content, which is the basis of scoring high domain authority. But of today’s development backed by experts in this industry, domain authority is evolving to E-A-T, an acronym that stands for Expert- Authoritativeness- Trustworthiness. Google and other search engines will start looking on the E-A-T of the website before acquiring a rank on the search engine results page.

The purpose of E-A-T is to provide a much better intent to the search query of the users, relevant results, and the substance of the content in helping the users on their problems or queries. E-A-T will serve as the ranking signal from the websites to the search engines, and it’s a determinant factor for a website in order to rank higher among the competition. There are ways that a website can keep up with this concept, such as creating quality content, using reliable resources, investing a group of professional web developers and writers, being transparent to the appeal of the customers, and building citations from credible authors.

2. Better high-quality, optimized content

“Content is king”- no one can oppose this quotation as content really is, the foundation of good SEO and remarkable results. As digital marketing continues to develop, it’s urged by Singapore SEO agency to write for better quality content that is helpful and useful to the diverse population in the industry. People nowadays are more focused on finding the right content with the right pieces of information to solve and alleviate the problem whatever it may be.

However, it’s not only limited to the information itself when talking quality content. It encompasses keywords and understanding the behaviours of the readers. Who would create a content that won’t entice and interest the readers? It’s best to study the audience and how they navigate around the media and understanding the basis of their concerns and opinions to create a content that is solely for them. Also, content is the most important attribute of a website as this will be the footing of increasing website traffic and attracting new readers for engagement rate.

3. Optimization for featured snippet

Everyone can agree that garnering the number one position on the search engines means loads of massive traffic and an increased conversion rate. However, with a featured snippet, no matter what ranking is the website is, it can be featured on the topmost results.

4. Deeper analysis of search intent

When customers are in search of a product or service, they immediately use Google to search for the item they want to find. Then, the search engine will display pages of results with the most relevant websites on the first pages. This is the goal of every website – to create a deeper intent of the keywords in order to define specific information gradually. A common mistake nowadays is the lack of intent of the keywords being used by the users that put them in the difficulty of finding the correct information.

In relation to the second discussion, creating content that matches the keyword intent should be the first act of every content writer. Being able to write content that resonates with the interest of the readers and create a keyword that matches the content. Make sure that the keyword is found on the meta description, title tags, and the first one hundred words of the content to suggests relevance.

5. Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO has become predominantly significant in digital marketing. With the newest mobile devices being put on annually, it’s also getting more AI-based and customized on the preference of the people. Mobile SEO is the integration of SEO on mobile devices in accessing different information on search engines. This is now the sole of SEO-meaning if the website is not optimized for mobile SEO, there would be no improvement of the website, and users will be displeased. Optimizing for mobile SEO is being able to program the website for mobile use with the standard loading speed, navigational platform, and accessible content on the website, as it is on desktop or computers.

Nowadays, people have more engagement on their mobile devices because of its convenient use that can be carried and use anywhere. That means, people also can easily divert their attention to anything that is accessible through mobile. By this, the website will receive massive traffic as the users are constantly engaging. As Kris Jones, CEO of said, “Instead of visualizing a person sitting at a desktop computer you have to realize that most of the time people will find your website via a mobile device.”

6. Video contents continue to uprise

Online videos nowadays are booming on the internet- from informational, tutorial videos to entertainment, and leisure-based videos. In fact, according to Cisco, the online video makes up 80% of all online traffic by 2021. That means people are constantly engaging in videos rather than written documents. However, creating videos should not be overlooked as this is just the same as creating content. An online video is a content, and it should portray information, knowledge, and insight to the viewers because it’s more dynamic and engaging to watch compared to text.

Google released the video features snippet that is common when users search for a tutorial channel or education channel, and then a list of videos will be displayed but the video featured snippet is on the topmost. On YouTube, the videos are optimized-meaning it’s divided into sections and provided with a transcript so that users can easily comprehend the information.

7. UX becoming a bigger role

The reason UX is included because it should be the priority of web owners and developers, scaling up the experience of the users provided with the right navigation directories. Use Experience is the overall experience of the users using a product or service, a website, or an application that answers to their needs. Personalizing and customizing the website for the target customers in order to attract sales and increase conversion rates. UX is the balance of creativity and innovation pertaining to how the customers will be treated and served on a daily operation of a website.

Also, when talking about UX, it pertains to page speed and loading speed. Users only have limited patience when visiting a website, so it’s highly vital that the website should load fast including all the content and elements as this is the first step of giving a good impression.

8. Brand building

Brand building means adapting to the changes in the market in creating a strategy to penetrate the target market. There are many marketing campaigns nowadays that have more effectivity in terms of generating new customers. Building a brand that customers can trust and rely with entrusting their problems to the hands of the brand. Even though brands that have already entered the market, they would still get low sales because of the lacking act of winning the customer and inconsistent brand building.

9. Influencers will be on demand

Influencers have always been a part of every marketing strategy, but they are becoming more essential in these years. These social media professionals have huge following platforms so it would be inappropriate not to invest one in promoting the brand. The goal of investing in an influencer is to pull in new customers and nurturing them into loyal customers. It will make the SEO efforts alleviated meaning, the process of magnetizing new customers will not be costly instead of investing billboards and other marketing campaigns.

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