SEO Agency vs. Freelancer – Who Should You Engage

One of the many struggles of a business owner: Finding the right person with desired marketing experience to produce absolute success in results. Does it sound too good to be true? Not at all, this predicament is realizable.

There are actually 3 options that you can choose from to handle your SEO needs: Hiring a freelancer, engaging an agency/consultant or building an in-house team. In this article, we will dive deep to understand the pros and cons of a hiring freelancer and engaging an agency.

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SEO Freelancer

As the Internet continues to evolve, more jobs and opportunities have been created, including freelancers. These are people who have relevant experience in their respective fields. To most, this seems to be rather true. Well, not exactly.

It has been considered by some as one of the cost-efficient investment when it comes to people hiring. However, many are showing concern with regards to the quality of work that they produce as well as the ease of communication. More will be discussed later.

SEO Agency or SEO Consultant

An agency or a consultant comprises of a group of experts who are knowledgeable and experienced in handling digital marketing projects. Many companies prefer this option for very simple reasons: easier to manage, contactable, trustworthy and have already built a good standing in the industry.

So What Are Their Differences?

Here’s an in-depth comparison based on the following factors:

1. Cost

Freelancer – It may be a good option, especially if you have a limited budget since you can find such service providers for almost any budget. Freelancers are ideal for short-term marketing responsibilities but are not recommended for big and long-term projects. One of the main concerns here are trust and reliability.

SEO Agency – This option is the one that you can rely on when it comes to work output and value of your money. You pay for the exact services that you need. They already have an organized team of experts and are paid whenever needed or depending on the arrangements that you have made with the agency according to your budget. You will not worry of other managerial costs and risks.

2. Skills

Freelancer – They may not have all the skills that you need, such as copywriting, content management, web developing skill and etc. You may find someone who is jack of all trades, but master of none. There may be times where you will need to hire multiple freelancers to fill up the skill gaps.

SEO Agency – An agency is the best option for this factor since they have everything ready. You don’t need to look for a specific person for a certain skill set since your fixed fee arrangement with them already includes the best team that’s prepared to work for your business’ needs.

3. Accountability

Freelancer – They may use black hat SEO techniques. Their independence can make them less accountable and especially if they are from overseas.

SEO Agency – Typically uses white hat SEO techniques. They hold accountability because they need to maintain their reputation in the industry.

4. Project Management

Freelancer – Don’t expect all freelancers to be good managers and it might not be one of their strong points. At the end of the day, you may be the one who need to handle and manage the project from start to the end. It may lead to a disaster if you are already pre-occupied with your own responsibility.

SEO Agency – An SEO agency will have the best management practices when it comes to handing the projects. This is because of their years of experience handling similar projects, and they will make sure only their best man runs your campaign.

3 Reasons To Help You Make A Logical Conclusion

SEO Is Never Going To Be A Single-Handed Strategy

This is so true. It requires people with different skill sets and one of the concerning issues in hiring a freelancer is that the scope of innovation and creativity that this person may have can be very limited. And with regards to engaging an SEO agency, you will have a team of creative and experience individuals in SEO, readily to deliver all that you need.

Avoid Talking To Strangers

Most of the freelancers are not fully equipped when handling SEO tasks. Hiring an agency is an advantage because they have past experiences to back them up with. They know how to address every type of SEO issues due to their diverse experiences in handling projects of different niches. Don’t allow yourself to talk to someone who does not truly care in growing your business.

Always Opt For The ‘Best’, Not Just The ‘Better’ One

An agency or a consultant is excited to accept new projects and plan how they can effectively grow your business. They are always eager to learn new things at hand. If you hire a freelancer, you will definitely miss a lot of brainstorming moments resulting to awesome and creative ideas.


The best option for any business is hiring an SEO agency or a digital marketing consultant, especially if the budget and resources are available.

You can only expect the best service and of course the top results for your business. If you want to achieve success, then never settle for less and always choose the best. Because in the end, it will all be worth it and your ROI will definitely exceed your expectations if everything is done right from the start up to the end. Talk to an SEO agency today to discuss the best deal that you can get for your budget.

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