SEO, A Long-Term Marketing Investment

Investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may lead you to some doubts and trust issues. New clients fresh in the market usually ask many questions regarding how it will work since they are paying for the service. It’s totally understandable if you’re a client like one. Just like buying essential home products, the packaging speaks for the information and what can it do as a product- to clean, to fix, to arrange, or to assist but it can never give you 100% guaranteed quality experience. Some customers may find it ineffective and useless to solve their cleaning problems at home. See, it’s the same thing. Clients pay for the service to achieve their long-term goals and desired ranking position, but it always take a little bit of time and patience to reap what you sow.

SEO agencies in Singapore are not avoiding any of these questions and they are already responsible for you the moment you invested in. It is easy for the company to produce effective quality content rather than promising you the specific date to achieve that high-ranking status on search engines.

SEO Is Constantly Evolving

If there are millions of users on the internet, there are also hundreds of millions of articles being published on the virtual community. Today alone, 4.5 million blog posts or articles have been published making it the most engaging platform for everyone. New trends and user’s preference changes almost everyday and not everything will remain neutral for your businesses which lead us to the next discussion-competition.

Intense Level Of Competition

Sticking to your long-term goals is a good defence mechanism against your competitors aside from penetrable marketing strategy based on an SEO company, but the competition is getting more intense with new emerging businesses that also want to increase their online visibility. It takes three months to rank through published quality content in a low-competing industry, and it will take twelve months to rank in a high-competing industry. It is true but it may sometimes take longer to rank on search engines and whatever your rank today will not be the same tomorrow. It is the responsibility of SEO company to place your website on higher ranking, but the ability of your competitors should never be underestimated.

Old Content Still Has Values

If you think that old articles don’t have values anymore, then new and updated ones won’t be classified as quality content. Past and previous studies opened up to new ideas and information for everyone to indulge in research, invest time and effort to continue a specific study, and maintaining the original work. It has been proven that quality and relevant published articles can help you rank on search engines, and your best weapon against your competitors, is that same as old content. They have reputable, reliable, and credible values, strong enough as supporting information for new study. All information online is important, you just have pick the right one for your business.

Follow these 3 simple ways to reintroduce old contents

  1. Supply quality content and engage with your web visitors to easily get backlinks. Old articles will be noticed by the readers.
  2. Promoting it to social media is a good head start for the competition because it will widen the reading perspective of the readers. 
  3. Always update your website and engage experienced writers to amend the old articles and make it more enticing for readers.

Backlinks Are Essential To SEO

Aside from publishing quality content and responding to user’s reviews, backlinks also played a significant role in SEO. If you are going to publish a content and it receives a lot of backlink for just a day, it would be suspicious, and Google will immediately put you under surveillance. Backlinks are a long-term achievement and should be earned naturally depending on how the users engage on your website. But, if you receive reasonable number of backlinks from high domain authority websites, it can help boost your rank.


The whole point of SEO is not to generate immediate results, but rather it is a long-term process that needs to be monitored daily. If you’re the kind of person that only seeks on short-term goals, SEO is not a perfect match for you. But on the contrary, business owners who are professional enough to oversee long-term results gained more than what they are expected.

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