Recent Uncertainties For Your SEO

Unbelievably, it has been months of lockdown and strict community quarantine leaving everyone off site while others are turning it in to new ways. Almost half of the world, countries and states have reopened their boundaries and allowing business to operate, not to lose progress for the economy and following the new normal protocols. On the downside of it, there are still many countries facing tough times to bounce back on the momentum carried way before. Not only economics have been deported to be out of power, but also political and social legislative. 

One of the community protocols is the mandated penalty for someone who will forget to wear a mask when leaving home or buying necessities. Social distancing and proper hand washing should be taken as a serious action to avoid the spread of COVID-19 rapidly. Politicians continue to serve the country and have taken a larger step to fight the virus and protect the countrymen, while public health workers or the frontliners are doing the best they can to monitor the patients and digging deeper into research to make a vaccine against the virus.

But what does it have to do with SEO?

Are those businesses integrating SEO will face unpredicted problems? Like how COVID-19 strikes the world?

Here Are Three Essential Information To Take Note Of If You Are Investing SEO

1. Divert your attention to user’s attitudes and preferences

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not the only marketing strategy in the industry, but still it’s considered as the most effective one. Social media marketing and content marketing had also stepped up in the competition. SEO is not the only way to answer and assist the needs of the people. In the starting months of lockdown, February and March, people did not take COVID-19 seriously as a global pressing concern that will end many lives, turning our lifestyle upside down. This is the reason why there is a still a surge of positive cases and deaths every day.  Since it is not only becoming more serious but a life and death threat to all of us, people’s daily need and internet lifestyle  have changed due to anxiety and exhaustion caused by the virus. There is also a fear of economic loss which will slowly negatively affect the country.

With the ever-shifting user’s attitudes and preferences, it is important to know what is the cause of that change, the impacts of the change, and how to change your service to the people. A head start on the game is to connect to the people 24/7, either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything that you can use to observe their ways and reaction to the situation. And with that, a good connection will be established followed by planning of action and assessment through online survey and polls which might help you on later actions. Lastly, modifications and optimization of the website or webpage content should be made servicing to all users and deliver a satisfactory performance. 

2. Content Creation Should Be More Prioritized

Content quality never fails to attract and indulge users visiting a website. Professionally speaking, you should create more content than an ordinary website will do to boost your ranking on search engines. Nowadays, users across the globe have more screen time than before due to fewer responsibilities and limited working schedules so, taking initiative on this kind of change would be a great help to your website.

However, creating content should not be taken for granted. Even if the demand of reading articles and entertainment are both constantly increasing everyday as the number of users increases, publishing low quality content is still irrelevant and inappropriate. Think of it when making a content as an investment rather than a competition because a competitive webmaster knows how to start up the competition. Quality over quantity and quality over competition. Stick to your long-term goals as this will help you achieve better ranking on search engines, and rely on an SEO company with content creation team who are experts in doing so whenever you feel you need help.

3. Changing Your Marketing Strategy

As previously mentioned, sticking to your long-term goals is very vital to be responsive in the time of crisis and adapting to the changes on the internet should be made. Ever since COVID-19 pandemic and the start of total lockdown, people explore to new products and services and a drastic change of demand from the online community. For example, if you observe that there’s a decrease of traffic and conversion of sales on your website, your only option is to change your marketing strategy to continue penetrating the needs of the people in the market. Otherwise, continue doing your best by optimizing your website for a good performance and reviews.

Working with a well-founded SEO company can help you determine if you should or should not change your marketing strategy. They back you up with data gathered and analysed from a software metrics to prepare you in the next updates on the market. There are threats which will hinder your success in running the business and the obvious one is the responsibility to not amend actions and anticipate the changes. It is more technical than the content, from loading speed, extensive features, off-site and on-site backlinks to the quality of products or services being offered.   


While the whole world is still battling against COVID-19, SEO is also doing its job by providing effective marketing strategy to those business owners who want to continue selling products or services, and to those businesses that have lost their momentum in the market. Nevertheless, not even the frontliners or medical professionals can predict what will happen in the next succeeding months. The best strategy aside from SEO, as a business owner, is to be always ready and be able to act professionally to address changes and issue whatever the future might bring.

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