Quick Guide On Doing Your Own SEO

There are many SEO Singapore agencies that can help you in ranking your website. However, if you’re wondering whether can you do SEO on your own due to a limited advertising or marketing budget, you can start on a few things to help your site improve its rankings organically.

Start With Keyword Research

Don’t think you know what your clients want, never assume since they might be using different terms when looking for services or products that are related to what your business offers. Use Google Keyword Planner to get the data that are useful for your business.

Know Your Competition

Find out the things that they are doing well, their content, the structure and the features that they have in their website.

Make A Plan For Your Website

Make a list and use long-tail keywords once you understand your consumers and competitors.

Website Optimization

If you’re not that technical, you may need to outsource the task of creating the pages since you need a skilled developer and designer. You need to make sure that your site is mobile-responsive with excellent loading speed for both mobile and desktop users.

Publish Content Regularly

When we say regular, we are not referring to publishing a new content every day. Optimally, you should publish new and fresh contents once a week. You can set a schedule on having monthly updates to ensure consistency.

Do Your Public Relations

It’s all about linking to sites with authority, and it’s a major component of SEO. Your content should be targeted to the various segments of the blogosphere since it could become a conversation starter with other sites, serving as an invitation that they can link to or write about.

Build And Establish Your Social Media Network

It’s an opportunity for you to connect with your clients and prospects.

Learn Google Analytics

Measure what you optimized so that you can keep a track on your performance. You don’t need to be a extremely well-versed, but if you have a basic understanding on how Google Analytics work, you are able to analyze the performance of your SEO campaign.

Continue To Read More About SEO Blogs

You can find many free SEO marketing guides over the internet to help you understand more on SEO. Some blogs will provide you with tips and tricks on how to improve your SEO ranking.

An effective SEO would need effort, time, patience, skills and investment. Doing it on your own can be very challenging especially if you don’t have the time and knowledge. If it allows, the best way is to let the experts take on the SEO tasks for you.

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