Passive Link Building Strategies

For beginners in this industry, there are some ways that work great for them before stepping into a much larger strategy to improve the website. One of these is the passive link building strategy. Passive doesn’t mean passive income; it means that one can fully manage other significant processes of the website while earning good results from this.  However, these strategies can still be crucially beneficial to the website in order to attract potential customers, domain authority and trustworthiness, and increase online visibility.

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1. Avoid the use of stock photo

Everyone can agree that a stock photo is a practical choice as the foundation of the visual elements on a website. Stock photos are professional shot images that are being taken for free or for paid access. It covers different ideas of images, which are all great for a website.

There are three advantages that made stock photos simply popular to the people. Its quality, speed, and affordability. Stock photos are real game changers because it can be easily accessed and downloaded on the internet on whatever purpose for it. However, this is not recommended in the link building strategy. If stock photos are widely accessible on the internet, so that makes it less credible and unreliable to use as might other websites have used the same photo.

Avoid using a stock photo on a website and rather invest in hiring a professional photographer to take pictures for the website. For example, on the About page of a website, it’s not advisable to use stock photos because this page section suggests credibility and professionalism- meaning the photo of the CEO, managers, and employees should be their portrait faces. This is not only limited to this page, but it’s necessary for a website to have actual and credible photos.

2. Garnering top positions through keywords

Keyword is part of on-page optimization, which means that the meta description and title tags should contain the keyword in regards to the query of the users. With a unique keyword, ranking on the search engines could not be a problem. This could also mean that creating content should be relevant and helpful to the users so it would pull in traffic and engagement for the website. By this, other websites and journalists will link the website ownership to their domain seeing that the content is what the readers want.

3. Social media presence

As technology continues to drive in the digital marketing, social media platforms are becoming simply essential in improving the overall aspect of a website. Each online platform has its own unique marketing capability to attract customers, engage readers, and make conversions that are all helpful to one another. Upon creating social media, upload a company’s image, put a short background on the bio, and link the account to the website. By then, the users who visit the social media account can have access to the website and earn traffic. Also, it’s highly advisable to post content that is engaging and helpful to the users as a way of informing the whereabouts of the product or service.

4. Understanding the audience

So, from social media presence to understanding the audience. This is a very important part of link building strategy because the content will be made is based on the interest and likings of the readers. It’s necessary to get ahead of the readers- what they want to read, what issues to write to keep them engaged, and how to write quality content that is relevant and helpful.

Before diving into action, knowing the audience can help alleviate the objectives and goals of the strategy. If the target market is not well-defined, it would be difficult to drive traffic and make conversions because there’s no specific group of people who can benefit from the product or service. However, it’s not only limited to a point where understanding the audience is understanding their interest. Creating a user persona is the best tool to funnel down in the market and get a narrow insight into the behaviours of the audience.

5. Creating content with linkable assets

Nothing could be more significant than creating content but with linkable assets. Users or anyone on the internet are always searching for information or content that could substantially answer their questions or queries. In creating content, it’s a must to discuss a topic that is timely and relevant to society, any issues or topics that intrigue the readers and spark an argument. However, common mistakes by content writers are the lack of intent about the query of the users and not informative enough to convey solutions.

Creating content in passive link building would not be enough, so linkable assets are becoming significant to do such a process. Linkable assets are pieces of information such as graphs, data, infographics, statistics, and others that deserve to have links and get crawled by search engines. These types of materials are magnetic to journalists and could easily pull in traffic. The only mistake in the linkable asset is the inability to include the link of the website whenever other websites quote the material. Nevertheless, no one should overlook the ability of linkable assets in driving traffic.

6. Outreaching

If an attempt to write both contents and identify websites that match the article’s content, it’s necessary to connect and quote content ownership. Tell them and invite them to write about the material or product and connect to it. If this means they will get it for free, most people will be able to write about the topic or niche. The two strategies that can aid this process is email marketing and SMS marketing. Email marketing is a great tool not only to connect with the customers but to reach out to people or web owners to ask for a link. SMS marketing is also an effective tool with the highest open rate. By doing such, other domains will be prompted to link owns the content and linkable assets that could generate website traffic coming from different addresses.

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