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Local SEO Singapore is the process of optimizing your online presence to attract more customers from a relevant local search in Google or other local search engines. It can help you achieve a higher ranking in local search results through technical SEO, on-site and off-site optimization, and content marketing strategy. If you are a local store and you want the people to reach your business easily and increase your market exposure within your business vicinity, then your only option is to optimize your website for local SEO search.

Local SEO Singapore allows customers to find the location of your business. Before you begin with Local SEO in Singapore, you should have already setup a Google My Business (GMB) account to list your business in Google local search engine. GMB is free tool for local businesses and organizations to manage their online local presence and increase their local market exposure. 


Local SEO in Singapore

Local SEO in Singapore can bring so much success to your business, and it is not only limited to increasing your ranking on Google local search engine. Here are some of the best benefits local SEO can offer. 

Building Citations Enhances Online Visibility

When doing local SEO, the first thing an SEO agency would talk about is creating online business citations. It simply means the mention of your company’s name, physical address and contact information (or NAP) which are very essential for the customers to discover your business. This set of information is also known as NAP – which stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. By building business citations on relevant directories, it helps your business to be found by people who are really interested in your products or services. 

Building Citations Enhances Online Visibility

With on-site optimization done right, it can increase your website traffic and potentially increase the leads and sales. On-site optimization requires continually revisit of your site and re-optimize the content as needed. This includes mobile-friendly web design, fast loading speed, use of targeted keywords naturally and many more.

GMB Enhances Business Trustworthiness

You can’t change your business physical location, but you can positively influence other factors that enable you to rank better in Google. According to Google, businesses that verify their Google My Business profile are more likely to appear trustworthy and reputable by the customers. GMB account also helps your business to build visibility and conversions through Google Maps and the local pack. 

Content And Link Building Helps To Boost Relevant And Credibility

It helps you connect and entice your local customers by answering to their queries and providing a solution. If you regularly publish quality contents that are localized and relevant to the searches, you can establish credibility among our community and allows your website to earn links from other businesses. This is also a way to drive relevant traffic to your business website which indirectly translates to more leads and sales.


Local SEO continues to be the vital approach for every business site to reach their target market with no doubt. Local SEO is able to help you to attract new customers as well as increasing your business visibility. 

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Local Search is highly targeted and timely

Local SEO marketing allows you to target localized searches when customers search for a particular products or services near to them.

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The 3 pack shows in 93% of searches with local intent

Google’s 3-pack (or map pack) appears in 93% of the time for local related searches. This is also referred to as Rank ZERO in Google local Search Engine Results Pages. You can be one of the top three results that can bring success to your business.

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The algorithms are highly effective at determining user location

The Google local search engine has a unique algorithm system in place to determine the searcher’s location and is able to monitor how your customers engage on your website.

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Mobile searches continue to grow

According to a study, almost 82% of the entire population in Singapore are using mobile phones. This is concrete evidence that optimizing your website for local search marketing is a must.

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Local Search has a terrific ROI

Unlike traditional marketing & advertising strategies such as TV or newspaper advertisement, Local SEO is a pull marketing strategy that places your business to the customers when they are searching for it.

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Local SEO is inexpensive

Compared to traditional marketing & advertising strategies, local SEO is budget-friendly that requires minimal monthly marketing investment to generate exposure and results. With only a small budget, you can easily start-up optimizing your website and generate good results.


The reason why other business owners are hesitant to optimize their website for local search marketing is perhaps because of the cost. At Outrankco, we offer services with correct pricing to compensate the work it’s solely paid for.

Creating Local Citations

  • Local citations include the business name, address, contact information that will help Google and other local search engines to connect with your business. 

Local Webpage

  • You should have at least one webpage that displays your geographical location which focus on local keywords when your customers search for your products or services. The cost to design and develop a new local web page will depend on its complexity and additional features, if any.  

Local Links

  • It is definitely beneficial if you can include building relevant and authoritative links from organizations or other sources in your local area. However it can be rather pricey especially it’s coming from high authority website. Some companies may charge $150 to $200 per link. 

Content Marketing

  • Every website needs to have quality content to inform and entice the customers, much so for local SEO. The content you have provided need to answer their queries and offer them with a suitable solution. The cost of hiring either a freelance copywriter or engage an local SEO agency to generate content for your local SEO will have to depend on your content word count as well as your writer’s experience.

GMB Management

  • The key factor of a successful local SEO is setting up a local GMB account to maintain your online local presence. Agencies may charge you either based on a one-time setup fee or by management contract where SEO agencies will assist to generate content, optimizing images and maintaining other aspects of your GMB account. 


Technical Website SEO

Technical SEO is the process of laying the foundation of your website. It’s about translating your design proposal into an actual website through programming and optimization. Technical SEO also covers a wide range of features and elements needed to be done, so local search engines can easily crawl and index your site, such as:

  • Website speed
  • Programming and coding
  • CSS and Java Script
  • Internal linking
  • Mobile friendliness
  • URL structure
  • Schema Markup

On-Site & Off-Site Optimization

Optimizing the internal structure of your website can play a huge role in improving your ranking on local search engines such as Google. It mainly involves the following:

  • Title tags
  • Meta description
  • Headline
  • Publishing quality content
  • Webpage accessibility
  • Creating keywords

Off-site optimization refers to outside activities of your website in order to build credibility and domain authority. It includes the following:

  • Google My Business (GMB)
  • Local Link building
  • Relevant content
  • Public Relations
  • Social media strategy
  • Online reviews and recommendations

Effective Content Strategy

Content strategy refers to creating content that are useful and relevant to the queries of the users. It can be a whitepaper, blog post, or a related article that answers to the questions and offer solutions to the customers. It’s one of the most important factors that can improve your ranking on the local search engine.  


Google’s local Map Pack is a boxed part listed on Google SERPs that displays the top three most relevant local businesses to the search inquiry. It allows the user to easily find the store they want to visit with all the essential information in the Google map pack directly.

On the other hand, an organic search results is the usual free listing displayed in Google’s SERPs.

According to a study, 33% of the total clicks go to the local map pack results while 40% goes to the organic search results. However, the local map pack provides a more relevant result as it displays all the required contact information for the customers.

The key takeaway is it pays to rank in both local map pack and organic search results. 


If you’re someone who happens to be unsure of your local SEO efforts, the best thing you should do is to contact a reputable Singapore local SEO agency in Singapore and invest your money in their local SEO service. Feel free to contact us for a free local SEO consultation. 


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All businesses, no matter how small or big it is. It’s a necessity to optimize the website for local SEO search. 

Local SEO Search

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website to increase online presence and attract more customers from a relevant local search in Google or other search engines. It targets a specific area of a country.

Island-wide SEO Search

Island-wide SEO is the process of optimizing your website from a relevant local search but this time, it focuses on the whole country or geography (i.e. Singapore)

Google My Business (GMB) always matters when it comes to building a website, especially if you want to rank high in local search. GMB is a free tool that allows you to promote your business and business profile, connect to the customers, post updates, and manage the interactions of all customers to your local business.


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