Increasing Leads Through SEO & PPC

The business marketing has continued to extend its reach to a new platform. With the introduction of internet, search engines have started to thrive providing opportunities to businesses on a larger scale. It’s a whole new level of competition now. These days, if you want your product or service to sell, you will most likely need to create a website. But the website alone won’t work without being known or advertised. To get through this blockade, you will need to come up with effective formulas. There are two popular methods you should consider: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click).

What exactly are these? SEO and PPC are both useful mediums to connect to your target customers. Technically speaking, your website won’t record traffic without search engines unless people know your web URL and business offers. With the help of these methods, your business, small or big should gain profit.  

Search Engine Optimization

Basically, SEO allows your website to be searched on a search engine but with conditions. When using engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, they present a search index of one’s queries. This is referred as organic results. Your website can appear on the list depending on various factors. Typically, websites with higher ranks are displayed because of quality and relevance. A startup shouldn’t expect much of its luck in qualifying the list, thus a thorough study is crucial in taking advantage of the said method. It’s free after all, but if you are looking for a long-term result, SEO shouldn’t be taken for granted. In fact, going through the basics is the key to succeed.


PPC or Pay-Per-Click, as the name suggests is a paid advertising. Perhaps this is the one you are looking for if you are into a one-time big-time advertising campaign. It costs you money but it yields quick result. That isn’t as easy as it sounds though. In the business marketing world expect that competition is high. You are not the only one placing paid advertisements. With that being said, brainstorming with your marketing team is a necessity. It’s essential that you weigh on the pros and cons to strategize better. And a contingency plan should be set to deflect any adverse effect.

Marketing Tips

And speaking of contingency plan, a collaboration of SEO and PPC is a brilliant idea to say the least. While one is better in certain fields of businesses, the other also makes a great impact in providing the necessary support to other types of businesses. Knowing the background and nature of your company gives you leverage on both or either. As an SEO agency who’s quite familiar with these services, let me tell you some important realizations we have made. Below are proven tested ideas that should work on you as well.

1. Choose The Right Keywords

Finding the right keywords for your services and products isn’t that difficult. There are various kinds of keywords such as brand, product specific and more. Starting from these small details and learning how relevance and intent work productively on your favor gives you the upper hand over your competitors. Yes, you should not only think about your company. Advertising is paired with competition. That means you are not only selling but competing,

For SEO, your successful keywords depend entirely on your web optimization. Working on both on-page and off page is critical to ranking your site better. On the other hand, for PPC, though getting on the first page is an easy task as it mainly relies on CPC (cost-per-click), choosing keywords along with your ad groups is still a matter of concern. Hiring a SEO expert and incorporating PPC should eliminate underlying concerns.

2. Remarketing

In context, remarketing means a second chance to attract target customers. This can lead to more leads, more repeat visitor rates and better brand recall. It is a difficult strategy for sites relying mainly on SEO. A good solution would be to absorb PPC’s remarketing ads. Yes, you need to spend some. With this addition, undecided costumers will have time to reconsider checking on your content at a later time. In return, your site will improve its ranking on organic search engines. This further optimizes your visibility to costumers.

3. Extending Digital Reach

Extending your reach through a gated content provides productive results. The idea is to entice prospects from different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email and blogs. They are provided with links or “call to actions” from these web platforms which can be easily accessed, and can lead curious customers to your landing page. In this section, customers are given a simple choice to either access information, or purchase a single product or service, in which they are required to give personal information such email address and name. The bigger challenge is to make your gated content interesting relevant and credible. Customers will always be hesitant to give information but being clear with your motive allows them to trust you.

Important Takeaway

SEO and PPC services are equally beneficial, though in different aspects. Applying them simultaneously in certain times and situations can greatly increase your organic rankings and quality score. From a practical standpoint, SEO is a good jumpstart for tight budgeted businesses, especially the small ones. When things seem not to be working, a good last resort would be seeking help with PPC. Exhaust all the SEO strategies you know before transitioning to PPC. On the other hand, if you have the resources to place ads on your content, and are looking for an immediate impact, making use of these services in all positive ways should be capitalized. These marketing strategies are effective but don’t always guarantee success. There are risks involved but as long as you are familiar with the ins and outs, you should be fine. If you’re new to this system, hire people who have the expertise.

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