Importance Of SEO – Top 12 Reasons For Every Business

Today’s modern world is fast-paced and most of the businesses today are doing their best to cope-up and meet the demands of the market. The Internet is a gateway to opportunities, and one of the most sought-after strategies is SEO.

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Search engine optimization offers value to every business owner, getting their website improved and making it more visible in search engines. If you want your potential market to find you or your business, SEO plays a huge part.

Here are 12 crucial reasons why big or even small businesses need SEO.

#1. You Want Website Traffic? It’s Organic SEO

The method of attaining high-ranking position in any search engine results page that is unpaid and driven by an algorithm is called organic search engine optimization. If your website is relevant and helpful to the visitors and shows how engaged they are, you will know that this strategy has effectively helped your business’ position.

A huge market of people who are searching the Internet is using Google more compared to Bing, Yahoo and many others. All of the search engines on the web contribute to your website’s visibility. However, you need to keep in mind that Google owns about 75% of this market and knowing the proper procedures is a must.

The website that’s known to be most visited in the world is Google, and it is also the number one email being used around the world. YouTube is another huge search engine in the Internet, second to Google. Whether it’s typed or voice search, now you know that Google has the majority market for this and getting a top-ranking position there plays a huge impact for your business. Being on top shows that you have a high-quality website and a stable SEO.

#2. You Become More Credible And Trustworthy

Anyone with very good SEO experience would know that a website must have an excellent foundation and awesome user involvement for it to become easily discovered when searched online. And we can only achieve this if you have your brand is trusted, and if it’s credible.

Whenever we establish the authority of our websites in search engines, for instance, Google, there are important components that need to be considered such as the following:

  • Good and diverse backlink profile.
  • User behavior or interaction is positive.
  • Machine-learning indicators for spamming and duplicity.
  • On-page content and key elements are optimized.

When we build our authority, it’s not instant. If we build our credibility and trust, we need to earn it, and this takes time. Just like when you started your business, you didn’t get a lot of customers in an hour. It took you days, weeks or even months to market your brand and create a buzz, telling everyone that you’re in the market.

The same idea applies here; we need to create relevant, good-quality content and website for us to be trusted by search engines and users of the Internet.

#3. Exemplary User Experience

Many marketers and SEO amateurs, mostly focus on visibility, looking for all the different ways just to be in the top ranking. What they don’t realize is that the user experience has a huge impact for the website to get there.

Google can actually interpret user experience, both the good and bad ones. So, if your website is not doing well in rankings, then you’d better check this important element.

It’s all about relevance. If a client visits your website and can’t find anything connected to what he or she needs, this is a very bad user experience.

#4. Local SEO = Increase In Traffic, Visit And Conversions

Local Search from mobile traffic is another contributor in every businesses’ achievement.

When you utilize local SEO, it’s looking into optimizing all your properties in the digital world for a certain area so that you will simply be found by the people who are looking for something that are related to what you offer.

When we say ‘local’, it means the focus is usually on particular cities, towns, regions and also states. This greatly helps in businesses trying to establish their brand locally.

This can be done by an SEO expert by optimizing the brand of the website along with the content, backlinks, local citations and listings that is appropriate for the place and industry.

Local website visits are promoted by optimizing the knowledge Graph Panel of the brand, social media accounts, and also the Google My Business listing. Doing this is a good start.

Depending on the industry your business belongs to, user reviews on Google, including other review sites such as Yelp should also be emphasized.

#5. SEO Can Maintain Good Buying Cycle

No one buys a product without having knowledge on what it is, and how much it costs. There are SEO methods that are effective in closing deals, presenting products and services that are cutting-edge and competitive and the quality of what you can offer to your potential clients. This can play a vital part in keeping your business up and running.

And if everything is done right by an expert, the buying cycle is positively observed.

When your brand is positioned well in search places and people can effortlessly find you, you can establish a good connection. With this, your prospective clients can easily get the relevant answers that they are looking for with the help of Local SEO.

#6. Finest Practices Of SEO Are Always Up-To-Date

SEO is not a one-time thing. It means, when you invest on this method, you need to be consistent on maintaining a good standing. You should continuously update your website with fresh and relevant content if you want to keep your ranking or still be competitive within the industry.

Google would want you to adapt too as the Internet always advances. Being on the first page of search engines requires effort in being consistent in monitoring your website’s changes in its major algorithm.

If you have SEO professionals doing the work for you, then you don’t need to worry about how Google changes its algorithm a thousand times.

#7. Knowing SEO Helps To Understand Internet’s Progression

Being one of the best can be very overwhelming, particularly in an ever-changing environment. This is a challenge that you need to face in the Internet world.

Staying on top of SEO and getting the latest updates on the changes evolving around the corner is a must for every determined business in all industries.

 If you are able to stay ranked on page 1, then you definitely have a strong idea on how the Internet works.

#8. Tight Budget? Do SEO

We all have our budget constraints, but business of all sizes knows that a huge advertising is never cheap. However, considering SEO is a good deal.

You always contemplate of your business’ return on investment when you invest on marketing. There are several other ways that you can check but the scope may be limited specifically when it comes to reaching out to your target market.

#9. It Is A Long-Term Deal

Well, once your business could penetrate the top ranking on search engines successfully during the first months of your business, one of the awesome perks of SEO is that its impact can take you a long way.

But of course, we must not forget to be always updated with what’s hot in the market. Adapt to the changes positively and never forget to stay relevant with your website’s content to ensure a good user experience.

To stay ahead, spend time and money wisely if you want to be a good competitor in the industry.

#10. It Can Be Quantified

If you have the appropriate tracking and analytics, you can surely measure almost all even if SEO doesn’t really do easy calculation on ROI compared to doing a paid search.

It may become too technical for you or even for the experts when trying to find the connection on the back end since there is no absolute approach in understanding the link in the actions that were taken.

Nevertheless, it is still good to recognize how some actions can affect growth and performance of every business. And if your SEO is doing well, then it wouldn’t be that hard to find the connection.

When it comes to your business’ performance in the digital world, knowing the status and all the other important data is a necessity, especially if you are paying for SEO professionals or companies to do this method for you.

#11. It Opens Doors of Opportunities

A well-established SEO does not just put you on top rankings; it also opens doors of new chances where your company can outshine others.

When you understand how SEO works for your business, you will see how you can lead ahead on the competition. With this, opportunities will definitely open, and you can learn more on how you can prosper.

#12. Page 1 Always Wins!

Once you’re on top, congratulations! This only means that you’re very competitive in organic or unpaid search.

A study was made on the ranking in organic search, and it indicated that the first three places are actually 40% of click-through. And up to 30% of page 1 and 2 are not clicked by the user anymore. And with that, you have to bear this in mind:

  • You need to be on the first page of the search engine results page.
  • There are times that the visitor could not find what it is looking for over the Internet.


A successful marketing effort in the digital world will need a solid and high-quality SEO. In this always-changing and competitive Internet world, SEO is a method that’s critical in all types of business who has their own website and content. If you want to thrive, improve your digital presence!

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