Evolution Of E-Commerce Platform With SEO

SEO was an alien term to many, and it was nothing but a fad for some during its initial stage of online trade. Surprisingly, e-commerce and SEO both grew in parallel and it became inseparable up until now – e-commerce SEO. One will not work without the other; it is hard to imagine a successful e-commerce platform without the integration of an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy in place. Today, we are looking at the growth of these virtual forces in a single perspective.

Since the early 2000s, the e-commerce industry has come a long way and the numbers can prove it. The online sales increase from $34.26bn in 2001 to a whopping $602bn. If we are going to look on the number of sales for 2017 and 2019, it is evident that the e-commerce industry continues to grow and online sales are progressing annually. This is especially true during the current pandemic situation.

SEO Services For E-Commerce Site

The raging increase in the competition of e-commerce platforms paved way to a more general convention which makes it undistinguishable. Creating a separate identity became the new goal, thus the searching began. This is the time where SEO is the answer in creating one’s unique identity in the online community. It is observable that companies who integrate SEO ends up achieving their target number, and the bundle of e-commerce SEO service that propel such great results is the real deal.

Role Of E-Commerce SEO Agencies

Just to be clear, not all e-commerce companies have an in-depth SEO team that you can trust. The novices in the field don’t have a clear establishment on what they can really offer to you, and this is where the e-commerce SEO agencies came into play. To be surrounded by a team with professional members as an independent outsource can bring out the best in your solutions.

SEO is not a hundred-meter dash, it is a relay marathon, and the individual should be at their best to complete the full race. People often view SEO in a limited space, a myopic vision of keyword search, and the perks of investing e-commerce SEO agencies will strip out that short-sightedness of the people, and they will see the collaborative working elements like web page layouts, site link indexation, and social media integration.

The Future Of E-Commerce SEO

With the new innovations and technologies every step, the future of e-commerce SEO trend is rest assured and look promising to continue processing online sales. E-commerce platforms should be prepared to predict the changes and counterattack better on the moves of the competitors as it become even more competitive time to time. We have predicted some of the shifts, which might become a norm soon.

Voice Search is a game changer in the e-commerce sphere, and with integration like Siri and Alexa, it is becoming an integral part of life and everything is made easier. Directing your SEO plans by adapting such tools are good strategy that businesses can consider. Some companies are already using AI-based tools to assist their branding story and capture the needs of the people.

Mobile Site In The Near Future

In today’s new way of internet surfing, mobile device is the most used device by people and all transactions and electronic processes have been more convenient than it was. That is why Google is constantly working to improve more on their user experience (UX).

 2019 statistical record showed that the active load of traffic of e-commerce revenue came from mobile sites where almost everyone is using, and major players in the field like Amazon and Flipkart have jumped also on the bandwagon which is a great way for adaptability. The idea here is not to generate instant sales, but to keep users glued to a page long enough to increase the chance of conversion.

SEO and e-commerce are growing side by side as we speak on their own virtual space while the competitions are getting bigger and the new platforms are uprising. The ones who are attuned to new changes will have the first-mover advantage. The bottom line is to prepare yourself for the competition, and it will definitely be very challenging.

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