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Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is based on sending emails as a means of connecting and communicating with the customers alongside generating new prospects. In our agency, we offer smart solutions and innovative strategy to help your business reach wider audiences and garner the top position in the midst of the competition. This is not the time to fail but the moment to bring out the best of your capability.

email marketing singapore

Your Business, Your Full Control

The market nowadays continues to expand to any directions and as a business owner, you should take control of all your marketing strategies including email marketing. We ensure that our clients have the full control of their email marketing integration because they are the ones who practically know what to do with it and whom to send it. This is one of the fastest ways to reach your customers and nurture your relationship with them then combined with our advanced smart solutions to send out email effectively with high percentage of open rate.

singapore email marketing

Email Marketing Services

As a digital marketing agency, we have a set of unique services we offer to our clients to help their business grow and expand by reaching more customers.

Email Customization

Not all agencies offer customized emails to their clients, but we are including this to our services because we want our clients to create and design an email that perfectly resonates to the business and to the customers. It increases the open rate of the emails and our group of specialists will help you achieve that.

Designing Emails

In order to entice and engage the customers in a way they are calibrated with the designs, it’s important to add some aesthetics together with the message for a pleasing representation of the brand. Our specialists and graphic designers will help you design emails either minimalistic or any creative pursuit. By this, the readers will not be bored by the plain layout of the emails.

Open Rate Report

Measuring the effectiveness of the emails is important as this will serves as the guide on when to retarget and remarket the business for better integration. Open rate is vital to assess if the emails are being opened by the readers and our specialists will assist you in measuring the open rate by providing reports, either weekly or monthly.

Email Tracking

It’s significant to keep track of the email being sent to the customers by assessing if they receive it or not. Our group of specialists will use an advanced, real-time tracking tool to track your emails.

Email Spam Management

The weak aspect of email marketing is when an email is directly trashed to the spam section of the mail platform that makes it ineffective and the readers may not even notice they have received an email. Our specialists will help you manage all the sent-out emails by using advanced tools to know if an email is in the inbox or spam.

Manage Subscribers List

It’s vital to know who are the people that will receive the emails as a form of update or CTA. Our specialists will help you manage the subscribers list and update the list in addition to new customer or outgoing customers. By this, it’s easier to narrow the deliverability of the emails.

Connect and Grow With Us

With years of operation in this industry and proven track records, investing to our services is a gateway to the doors of success operated by our fine specialists and no other. Decide now and start your business venture with us with:

email marketing

Professional Timeline Goal

We value your business needs and other marketing demands. As a part of our mission, everything is accounted and included in the process such as researching, exchange of idea, suggestions and other part of planning because we believe that the result is unimaginable if everyone cooperates and follows the timeline to finish the project on time.

Advanced Integration Tools

As technology continues to develop, our tools and software are also developed to explore new problems and issues to solve coming from our clients. In email marketing, we have the best tools to create, design, and manage emails for your business and other demands.

Strive For Excellence

As one of the best digital marketing in Singapore, we offer quality service and will always strive for excellence in the competition to serve our clients with world-class results. If you excel, we also excel.

One Process Is All It Takes To Win

We know how difficult it is to win your competitors and to strive in the emerging depths of the competition. With our services, we guarantee that you business will stand out in the market by one of our best services, email marketing.

Demonstration of Email Marketing

This is a vital part of the process because we want you to know the basics of email marketing and how we will strategize a plan for an effective penetration to your target market. Our specialists are responsible for giving you enough information before diving into the real process.

Planning & Audit

The process of planning and audit should be joined together because we want to know assess the lacking aspects of the business and uncover the gaps. This is also the part where you will work together with our specialists to define the objectives and goals based on the type of email marketing campaign. Either to build brand awareness, generate new leads and prospects, or boost sales.

Email Creation

This is the part where the start of creating emails begin and our specialists will lead with your assistance. We make sure that all your desires for creating the email is intact- from the layout, programming, content, and designing using our best tools and software. We want your email to stand out in the inboxes and receive the highest open rate in order to grow the business.

Optimization & Review

Before launching the emails, we always make sure that these emails are optimized- meaning it can be tracked and managed after sending using advanced tools and the content delivers intent. This is alongside reviewing the emails to check for errors and misplacement of elements.

Sending Out Emails

After optimization and reviews, our specialists will be sending out the emails to the people in the list of subscribers using a software application that sends email by quantity. We make sure that the emails will not go directly to the spam section.

Email Tracking

This is an important process to consider as it helps in measuring the effectivity and productivity of the emails being sent to the subscribers. Tracking the emails meaning measuring the open rate and engagement rate, spam prevention, and managing the response of the subscribers.


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