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Secure Your Brand Today, Starting with Domain Registration

In Singapore, domain registration is very vital for a business to operate and build your online presence. Without it would be really difficult for a business brand to establish recognition online and incapacitated ability to get discovered by potential customers. If web designing gives the internal personality of a website, then domain registration is the external personality. With our services and dedication to serving our customers with excellence, we can get your domain name right on time and efficiently. .

Choosing the Right Domain for your Business

The most important part of registering for domain name is choosing the domain extension of your business. Coming from our services, we have various domain name extensions that are not only limited to businesses but also for private organizations, community, and among others. 

Here are the different domain extensions that we offer:


In order to penetrate your target market, it should start with a strong video marketing strategy that defines the goals and objectives of the business alongside understanding the audience. Our team of experts can help you formulate a strategy- a unique strategy that resonates with your business and knows what to address to improve and grow.

A domain extension that incurs more trust to the customers as it is legally registered in Singapore and also ideal for local business search. But this extension requires valid company registration number and company name under ACRA.

It’s a domain extension that is for organizations located in Singapore and locally owned by group of people. We can get you easily set-up with this domain extension with the help of our experts.

This is a domain for educational institution or university that is solely for the use only for the member of the group. Our experts can assist you in registering for this domain.

This domain extension is for network service provider in Singapore, and we will gladly help you register to this domain.

One Service Package Is Equal to 5 Sub-Services to Leverage Your Brand

Aside from domain registration as our one of our core services, we also included some of significant features for this.

Domain Manager

We are giving you a full control of your domain including billing, renewals, and an array of innovative set-up and other managing tools.

24/7 Support Team

You know how we value customer service, so we are including a 24/7 support team to our clients to address major and minor issues.

Domain Transfer

There are circumstances that you want to transfer your domain and it’s not an easy process. To complete our service, domain transfer is included to be assisted by our experts.

Domain Hosting

In our domain hosting, we use Domain Name System (DNS) to connect your domain name to your personal information such as emails, websites, and services.

Domain Renewal

Considering that you might be out of attention in managing your domain name, we included domain renewal to renew your name before it gets lost. Our experts will be honoured to help you with this.

Web Hosting

Trust Your Website to the Web Host in Singapore

In this thriving industry, business owners have always something on their sleeves to show off in order to get an edge on the competition. But the question is, are you ready? Do you have something to fireback to your competitors?

In our agency, we understand your need to reach your target audience and lead the competition, but it should start with a good web hosting. That’s why we consider web hosting as one of our core services so that you can reach your audience efficiently and scale up on the competition.

Partner with Us through Our Best Web Hosting

Here are the different plans for our web hosting service:

Regular Plan

This plan is a regular web hosting services that covers the basic requirements needed for a good web hosting such as:

Deluxe Plan

This plan is ideal for small eCommerce and business that are planning to host a domain to reach their customers, and this include the following:

Platinum Plan

This is the best plan in our web hosting service that includes:

Features to Make your Website Stand Out

Faster and unique performance

In order to nurture the customers, our services include a unique and faster web performance to cater the best user experience for your customers.

Website security

Increase the growth of your sales by providing a safe environment for the customers to shop and entrust their information

Multifaceted control panel

Work with simple tools and applications to manage your website with ease.

Innovative resources

We also offer various upgrades for your website to improve its efficacy and performance through updated innovations that we only offer.

Why Choose Our Service?

We are proud to say that we have the best domain name and web hosting in Singapore and our clients can prove that to you.


We value our clients just like you and we know how hard to start a business with all the required expenses. That’s why we divided our services into packages so you can choose a service that is on your budget and suitable for the business.

Easy and manageable

With our domain manager and control panel, it’s easier to take full control of your website without the hassle of stopping the other works.

Credible agency background

Our services have been the blueprint in the industry and domain name and web hosting have always stood out among others.

Ideal for SEO

Our services are always centered in improving your SEO effort through domain name and web hosting. This is something that other agencies don’t have.

No hidden charges

All of our services have no hidden charges, and we are always transparent on the breakdown of the fees.


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