Choosing The Right SEO Agency While In The Menace Of COVID-19

No one is exempted on the impacts of COVID-19 as the world continues to operate. It exposes the weaknesses and test each business on their power to maintain the production, but it was never enough to go back to what was practiced before. Many businesses are on tight production method which means, limiting their shipment and work force to follow the executive order mandated by the government. As a precautionary measure, everyone is advised to stay home or do self-quarantine until the vaccine for this virus will be discovered, and this paved way for new and effective way to introduce your business to the market.

It is necessary to adapt new things and marketing penetration strategy and could be only found on the internet, new digital strategy. And, when talking things like this, SEO is always on the discussion, this is to aid businesses and companies to redeem what they started in this time of uncertainty.

If you are still confused and illiterate about SEO, these are the things you need to know on hiring or investing an SEO agency. They will help you bring back the momentum even with the menace of COVID-19.

5 Significant Roles Of An SEO Agency

Investing in an SEO agency is a wonderful choice but choosing the right one is a long process. A knowledgeable SEO firm can help and simplify your solutions and will even offer you quality services. There are beginners in the field and may lure you to trust them by giving you discounts and promises that are too good to be true.

On the continuous rise of digital era, there are both internal and external factors that can influence your ranking on search engines. Experienced and well trusted SEO agencies are able to leverage their knowledge in the industry and translate your vision into a concrete plan to help you achieve your desired results. Some of the services a professional SEO agency should provide for your business are:

  • Making well-researched keywords with buyer intention
  • Increase your online business visibility
  • Increase web traffic to possible potential customers
  • Keep track of your performance through monthly reporting
  • Develop effective content strategy catered to your target audience

Five Core Services From Professional SEO Agency

1. On-Page And Off-Page Website Audit

A comprehensive website audit will allow you to better understand and discover any pre-existing on-page and off-page issues on your business website. It will provide you the information needed to be essentialize to assess of what we need to do.

2. Prioritizes Strategic Local Search

Some may think that local search strategy is not as important compared to international search strategy. However it is recommended to incorporate both on your online business. A well-thought out local search strategy is also a significant effort that will add credibility and establish your business to the people in the market. It also ensures that will rank high in your specific target niche and target location, in which an international search strategy is hard to achieve.

3. Well-Made On-Page SEO

On-page and off-page are both important and provide a good reflection for your website. From the overall layout of your website to the quality and type of content published on it, on-page SEO is vital in ensuring every aspect of your website is analysed for the users, and necessary changes are made to help your rank in search engines.

4. Well-Researched Targeted Keyword

Nothing could be more effective to rank high than making a good, unique keyword with buyer intention. It is the vital feature of SEO and the best way to introduce your business to the market.

5. Engage Through Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are the largest software applications with millions of users daily, and what could be even better than to introduce your business to these places? Social media may be just for connection and entertainment, but it also plays a significant role in SEO. If you invest on SEO, creating an effective marketing strategy will be the top priority.

Finding The Right SEO Agency

While there are plenty of SEO firms in the market, most of them are just beginners while some are well-established. Just when you think that you have chosen the right SEO agency and you are good to go, probably you are not. It is crucial to do a background and performance check in any agency you will be investing in and recognize how they differ to each other.

It may be challenging to choose the right one as a good, well-founded SEO agency may be hard to come by. They will offer you different services and show their field of excellency, but this is only the basic. Let us continue to the in-depth discussion on what to look out for when choosing an SEO agency.

1. Setting Goals And Achieving It

Establishing a roadmap to success is essential to ensure that both parties are on the same boat. Investing and entrusting your business to any agency to handle the technical and marketing strategy may builds up doubt to hinder your decision. That is why, planning and setting your goals with the agency is necessary to achieve the desired results, and to prioritize important things rather than the passive concepts.

2. Transparent About Their Services

As mentioned previously, SEO agencies are rising with different field of expertise. You should not just immediately choose one without a thorough discussion and research. It may be challenging to connect with the right one, but it is important also to know what they can offer to you, their range of services, and recorded history of their performance that is aligned to your needs. Examples will be a great help to this, and you have the right to ask.

3. Regularly Update Your Status

Communication is the key to understanding. Choose an SEO agency that will be able to send you daily report and status of your ranking on search engines. Aside from an effective communication, it will keep you on track to keep up with the changes and being consistent on the marketing strategy.

4. Past Project Completion

A trusted SEO agency should be able to show their proven records and be transparent on the reviews from the clients. It is definitely a great assurance to continue with the partnership if they are able to provide you past completed projects, case studies, testimonials or reviews.

5. Budget And Price

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective marketing online strategies for both big and small businesses. Believe it or not, SEO is a strong weapon when it comes to huge competition. As a starter, it is tempting to consult an SEO agency that offers the lowest prices. That is why, it is important to conduct a market research to measure the capacity of your budget and which agency fits your requirement. The price of SEO varies depending on the type and quality of services you want.

6. Pay Only When You Rank

There are many clickbait and traps especially if you are still new and fresh on the market. Even well-founded SEO companies cannot guarantee your ranking on the results page. These SEO agencies will promise you heaven and earth for the sake of your business. Be careful when someone offers you the ‘Pay When You Rank’ promises because SEO strategies will only work when it is in full implementation. Let’s be honest, who will work for free, especially in the world of SEO where agencies have to invest 100% of their time and resources to make every single project a success.

7. Consultation Is Information

Request for a consultation if you want to get a clearer understanding on how SEO works and what kind of services the SEO agency can provide. Most SEO companies offer free consultation session to new potential clients. Consultation is not a waste of time. Rather, it is a bullet to fire your gun.

8. Success Should Be Measured

It is crucial to keep track of your progress and measure your success not in a proud way, but to know where you stand in the search engines. Remember to ask these questions before setting up the partnership.

  • How frequent do they analyse performance
  • What tools they use to measure performances
  • Do they provide a daily or monthly report
  • How are they going to present the data and analysis

9. The Team Behind The Works

After choosing the right SEO agency, it is the time you will get introduced to the professional team. Every team members has a significant role in carrying the task and they should be responsible on whatever the outcome performance will be. Aside from monitoring what they can do, it is a great move to slowly build relationship with them.

10. Maintain Publishing Quality Content

Nothing could go wrong when you regularly publish quality articles on your website. It enhances your website’s credibility and trustworthiness, making your website up-to-date. SEO agency should always examine all the keywords that will lead the potential customer to the article, and check on reviews from past users to get a good grasp on what area needs an improvement and to be better prepared for the next batch of audiences.

11. Think Beyond SEO

A good SEO agency should know the internal and external components of your business, with a clear understanding on what works and what does not work for your business. COVID-19 has tested all businesses to their very limits and only strong and well-founded establishment can make it through. Engage a professional and reliable SEO agency will free your time to focus on other priorities important for your business. Now is the time to venture out to new opportunities especially as the virtual community continues to grow.

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