Choosing A Reliable SEO Services For Your Business

Search Engine Optimization is a complex online marketing strategy and can be confusing to people with limited technical knowledge. However SEO is extremely vital in order to make a brand successful. Choosing the right SEO agency can be tricky and risky sometimes. There are different types of SEO to use for a website, and you can decide the best service they can offer.

  • On-Page SEO – It refers to the optimization that happens within your website. Common strategies are adding high quality content, optimization Meta and header tag, optimization images, and more.
  • Off-Page SEO – unlike on-page SEO, off-page SEO refers to the activities you do outside your website. Common off-page SEO practices include link building, social media management, forum, and content marketing. Out of all the off-page SEO, the most vital practices are link building as it establishes credibility and authority to your website.
  • Organic SEO – from the word itself “organic” it refers to ranking your website naturally on Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • Technical SEO – It refers to the optimization of the structures of the site for search engine crawlers. Common technical SEO practices include speed optimization, sitemap indexing, security of the website and more.
  • Paid SEO – It refers to the buying of backlinks for your website. This is a risky practice as Google may potentially penalize the websites that are caught buying links.

How a Reliable SEO Service Helps Business to Grow

Finding the reliable SEO service for your business is a process that requires time and effort. Growing your business and increasing sales are one of the top priorities of an SEO service. With the right agency, they can help you in the following:

  • Always follows the best practices set by search engine to avoid getting penalized.
  • They are knowledgeable on how search engine works and what search engine wants on their system.
  • Implement advance SEO technique and utilizing specific SEO tools to assist, monitor and optimize your website
  • Provides update on the algorithm and industry trends
  • Helps to build a strong resilient brand identity
  • They can make the best marketing plan to effectively penetrate the target market.

Steps in choosing the right SEO agency

Here are 5 steps you should know to narrow your choices and guide you in the decision process.

1. Examine the website

Since it is an SEO company, it should be the role model for having a well-optimized website. It starts with them. A full run-through of the website can reveal vital information about their services and performance. Examine if they have the following:

  • Fast loading speed of the webpages
  • Does it have quality contents published regularly?
  • Is it user and mobile friendly?
  • Are they being transparent to the customers?
  • Does it have a good customer service regarding the queries and calls made for them?
  • Are they active in social media?

2. Level-up your research

After knowing the basic information about the company, it’s time to know the delivery of their performances and how they handled the customers. Check if they value the following qualities:

  • Responding to feedbacks and reviews
  • Reviews from other business organizations and associations?
  • Being transparent to the people and to you as a customer
  • Recommendations from the past customers

3. Request for a Free Website Review

You can request a review of the website about their knowledge, best practices, and expertise. It works through an SEO specialist that will assess the pages and keywords based on their checklist and specific SEO tools. Afterward, an analytic report will follow with the recommendations to improve the traffic and ranking. 

4. Ask SEO-related questions

Use these questions below to ask the SEO agency.

  • Do you specialize in a specific niche?
  • Do you manage other’s site?
  • What are the tools you use?
  • What are your link building strategies?
  • What will you do to counterattack my competitors?
  • How long have you been in this industry?
  • How do you recommend the most effective keywords?
  • How fast can you rank my website?

5. Assess your budget

SEO is not expensive compared to other marketing strategies like pay-per-click and social media ads. However, it is still a huge investment because you need to maintain a smooth performance on the website. Many SEO companies have packages and offer bundles that fit your budget. The services may vary depending on the cost.

SEO is the perfect investment to any businesses and the most effective marketing strategy. With the vast population of the virtual community, SEO can bring most of that users going to your website.

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