Is SEO Dead in 2021?

is seo dead in 2021

It’s no secret that SEO is an ongoing process. It doesn’t happen overnight and it can take months to get any results from your SEO efforts. With the constant changes in search engine algorithms, trying to stay on top of things has become a daunting task for many businesses. The question of “Is SEO dead” comes up often in online marketing circles, but the answer is a resounding NO!

So, what really is up with SEO? Those who are still in the business of SEO knows that it is, in fact, changing rapidly. Yes, Google has made some updates in recent weeks that have shaken up the SEO world. But, it’s not to say that SEO is dead because of these changes.

SEO as a whole hasn’t died, but a lot of tactics have. Stick with outdated strategies and the only thing you’ll be seeing are low rankings and potential penalties in your future. We look at a few of the most commonly used yet outdated tactics.

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Considering link building all-in strategy

Link building is still incredibly important and, in some cases, can be the difference between ranking well or not. Where you’re focusing your link building efforts is different than it was ten years ago. The old-school tactic of trying to secure as many links from other sites with a keyword anchor text that matches yours is no longer effective. Also, spamming your links all over random digital directories no longer has the desired impact.

You can still build links, but it’s about doing high-quality outreach. You need to have a good blog post or other piece of content and then reach out to potential link partners with an idea that would be mutually beneficial for both you and them. If they agree, the goal is to create something together where your site offers value while theirs promotes their business. The result: the ability to rank well in search engines without going against Google’s guidelines.

Obsessing over the number one spot

Search engine optimization can be difficult given all the competition, but obsessing over the number one spot is more than enough to keep you up at night. The best approach is to focus on quality rather than quantity. Doing so will help you improve your SEO and increase the exposure for your website. Today’s search results are populated with ads, featured snippets, and question boxes that often show up before the first organic listing. So by ranking number one in a search engine still means your site might be buried under many others.

Consumers want and expect that the information they are looking for is available on just one or two pages of their search results page. This means it’s more likely to rank well if your content answers these questions as succinctly and effectively as possible.

Finding out which keywords people use when searching for the solution you offer could help determine where to place emphasis within your post so that consumers find exactly what they are looking for.

Focusing too much on a single keyword

While the content being produced today is vastly different than it was a few decades ago, SEO rules are still very much relevant to digital marketing. You need to think about what people are searching for when they come across your site because if you don’t have the information they want, then it is possible that their search will move on and find something else instead of landing on yours. This can be done by looking at which keywords people use when searching for solutions in your niche or industry. It might also help to ask some of your customers what words they used during searches related to your product or service so that you know where best to place emphasis within each post in order make sure readers who click through land exactly where they wanted.

Creating a high number of web pages and blog posts

One example of ineffective SEO strategy is creating a huge number of pages and posts on your website because you hope that it will cause the search engine to rank them higher. This may have been a valuable strategy in the past but most of those tactics are now outdated and there is no guarantee they will work for future rankings on Google or any other major search engine.

Creating new content should always be an on-going task rather than something you do just once and then call it quits. If this applies to you, then take some time out today to look back at what posts were popular with your readership by checking which ones received the most shares, likes, comments or views from people who came across the site through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. You can also see if these articles had links posted back to them.

Focusing on search engines rather than people

If you’re focusing on search engines and not people, , you’re probably doing something wrong. You have to remember that people are the ones who will be clicking on your content and if they don’t find it helpful or interesting then there’s a chance they won’t even bother visiting your website again in future because of this. You need to focus on what makes people want to visit your site, learn about what interests them, try different angles for posts and keep looking at how visitors interact with their experience on the site so you know when things aren’t working properly.


SEO is still alive and kicking, but businesses are more likely to see success with a marketing strategy that considers how customers think. That’s because Google has been favoring sites that provide great user experience over those who only focus on search engine optimization tactics like keywords and links. If you want your business to succeed in the digital world, make sure you work with an experienced team of experts who can help you create content-driven campaigns for your website or social media pages. Give us a nudge so we can get started.

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