Google SEO Checklist 2020 – The Ultimate Guide for Your Website


SEO, sounds simple but not really as easy as you think. If you have limited budget and time for this strategy, it can get complicated. If you have a small business and are looking for ways on how to improve the rankings that you have on search engines, you might want to read on.

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The Checklist On Improving Rankings

If you’re targeting on boosting organic rankings, we are talking about a long-term process here. So, here are 11 important specifics that you need to keep an eye on if you want to succeed. This checklist will definitely help you in many ways including what you need to address, the different tools that you can use, citing what’s important and the time that you need to commit.

Checklist #1: Know Your Business And Who Your Clients Are

Tools: Whiteboard
Time Commitment: Average

Do you exactly know that industry that your business is in? You should be familiar with it and make sure you can describe how your business works. With this, you well get a better understanding on how you deal with your customers, especially on what they really need or what they could be looking for. Keep these details in mind:

  • When, where and how does your potential market want and need your service or product?
  • Location and if they are using gadgets or computer.
  • What could be their motive in availing what you have in your business?

These small details can greatly help especially in establishing the keywords and content that you will be using for your SEO.

Checklist #2: Identify And Fix Issues In Your SEO

Tools: Google Search Console, SEMRush, GT Metrix, Screaming Frog and Siteliner
Time Commitment: High

Most of the time, we think that our website looks fine because of the colors you’ve picked, the fonts you used and the graphics you placed. However, you might want to look deeper since what you can’t see on the web page are actually the factors that can greatly affect your ranking.

It’s not wise to just simply campaign on links; you need to build a well-established structure so that your website can be indexed and crawled properly in the different search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Take note of the following technicalities that you should check and fix if needed:

  1. Website Speed.
  2. Links are not working or broken.
  3. Pages are not optimized.
  4. Canonical link elements are not used properly.
  5. Contents that have duplicates.

An audit on your website is highly recommended to identify the problems, and you can have them fixed right away.

Checklist #3: Have Your Website Optimized

Tools: SpyFu, SEMRush and Google Search Console
Time Commitment: High

This is not just about using keywords, in fact; it’s more than that. After getting the perfect keywords that you can use, you need to create a quality content making sure that it has the proper structure at the same time by using the targeted keyword’s natural characteristics.

To avoid missing any ranking signals, you need to optimize the following:

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Content
  • The use of proper words when creating content just be sure your users can understand you by making it relevant

Checklist #4: Google My Business Is A Big Check!

Tools: Google My Business
Time Commitment: Low

This easy and free to use tool can make a huge impact on your business. However, you will want to claim and verify your business first by simply making an account.

Do not leave out unanswered fields and make sure to add some pictures and videos as well.

Be careful in selecting the category of your business, make sure you choose the right one. You can also make your own questions and answers since people, mostly now ask questions, especially your market that is located near you or the local searchers.

Checklist #5: Learn More About Your Competitors

Tools: SEMrush, Majestic and SpyFu
Time Commitment: Medium

Your competitors online are working hard too in making sure they go to the top rankings, just like what you are doing now.

You will want to check the names of your competitors in the positions top 5 to 10 in the search engine result page for the keywords that you are targeting since they are the ones that you need to observe and learn from.

You may want to analyze the following information on your competitors:

  • What are they ranking for?
  • Know the number of pages that they have indexed.
  • What is the structure of their website?
  • Learn about the backlink profile quality that they have.
  • You can use a speed tool to know their status when you land on their page. We know that this is a huge element in the ranking algorithm of Google.
  • Search for any weakness.

Checklist #6: Always Look At Local Business Listings And Citations

Tools: WhiteSpark, Yext and BrightLocal
Time Commitment: Low

Managing your Google My Business as well as all the other local information that you have is a big plus, and you should be consistent with the details that you give.

We have what we call Data aggregators such as Factual and Neustar Localeze, and they share data on businesses locally – your NAP: name, address, and phone numbers.  You need to make sure that these are accurate since it can affect your local rankings.

For your local directories as well as citations, you can sign up in services that show the NAP information about your business.

Checklist #7: Website Should Have Links From Your Local Area

Tools: Ahrefs, Majestic and SpyFu
Time Commitment: High

Doing this can also boost your website’s ranking getting you more traffic.

You want to inform people that your business exists locally by educating them, getting involved in your community and doing something more publicly. There people out there who can spread the word by sharing your link, and this provides opportunity for your business.

Checklist #8: Adding Schema Markup

Tools: Google Structured Data Testing Tool
Time Commitment: Moderate

Schema markup is responsible in telling Google important info by sending signals about your business’ name, location or address, business hours and ratings, which can get you rich snippets in your search engine result page.

You might want to check out JSON-LD markup.

Checklist #9: Earn Reviews

Tools: Yext and GetFiveStars.com
Time Commitment: High

Internet searchers nowadays are looking on reviews before even buying what they want, and it has become one of the top-ranking factors in local search in the year 2017.

Both good and bad reviews can help your conversion. There are platforms that can assist you in managing a campaign for it. Another way is for you to tell your buyers to leave reviews on your web page.

Checklist #10: Create And Optimize Images And Videos

Tools: SEMRush, Keywordtool.io and SpyFu
Time Commitment: Moderate

Your website does not just need content in words to be understood by search engines. Adding images and videos takes the content in another level. This helps especially if looking for competitive keywords has become a struggle for you. You can optimize an image or a video.

Checklist #11: Utilize Both Paid And Organic Way Of Ranking

Tools: Bing Ads Keyword Planner Tool and Google Auction Insights
Time Commitment: High

Achieving well-established organic results from your SEO strategy is not instant. It may take a few months of constant work to see the results. However, there are times that we want to do things quickly just to get started and paid search can be done at the same time while working on your organic rankings.

You may need time and money for this to make sure you are getting good leads, but it will be worth it once you achieve your goals.


This checklist is just one of the many things of what SEO is, generally speaking. However, it somehow gives you an idea on what you can do to improve your business’ search engine ranking.

Growing your business is your main goal here that is why you are looking for answers. There are so many resources online, you will just have to look into what is best for you, your time as well as your budget.

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