Benefits of SEM – A Comprehensive List

Did you know that one of the most valuable tools that any type of business can use is Google Paid Search Ads? You read that right.

SEM is an online advertising technique and if your business needs a solid presence in Google search, this method can help you build it. If done right, you will have the power to reach all of your business goals.

If you’re having doubts about this strategy, this comprehensive list of the different benefits of SEM might help you make up your mind. If you’re looking for other ways to boost your business’ revenue, this might answer the questions that you have at the same time.

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1. It Can Expose Your Brand To A Huge Market

Advertisers are given the opportunity by Google Search Ads to have their brand names exposed in the ad’s description, headlines, extension links or display URL.  These paid search ads are frequently seen at the top results of Google search, and this greatly contributes to boosting brand awareness.

If your target potential market is aware that your business exists and is constantly seen on top of search engine results pages, there is a high probability that they will click the ad. This will create a positive impact on your business’ income.

2. You Can Instantly Reach Your Clients

Google paid search ads is usually described as SEM. This is a short-term strategy, a technique that can boost a website’s quick search results presence to a business’ service or products.

We all know SEO or search engine optimization focus on organic ranking in search engines, and this takes a long period of time. However, with paid search ads such as SEM, it allows you to reach your potential customers instantly thus giving you quick results in achieving your objectives.

3. Implementing And Managing Your Ads Has Never Been This Easy

One of its awesome benefits is that paid search ads can be made and managed quickly and easily, how convenient is that? If you think about the traditional way of doing advertisements, aside from the expensive costs, it also involves a contract with many clauses and limitations of you having control over it.

You are allowed by Google Ads to create a schedule for every campaign that you have. If you’d like to run a new campaign or even stop an ad, you can do this anytime you like. And if you have a limited budget, it’s so easy to allocate and set the amount that you are going to spend for the ads.

4. You Can Create Search Ads That Is Geo-Targeted

One great feature of SEM is you have the choice to target people according to where they are located. Your ads may have different languages too, and you can set them to where you want them to be seen. Do you have a specific country in mind? How about a city? Or even a region all around the world? Now you can see that your market is not just limited to your local reach; you can go global!

5. You Only Pay When There Is Action

This is another awesome benefit that you don’t want to miss. As soon as your paid search ads have been created, this will then appear for free. You don’t need to pay anything yet, not until a user takes action and click your ad. Aside from getting exposure and establishing awareness, you are also charged only when someone clicks on your ad campaign leading him or her to your landing page.

6. Your Optimized Ads Can Target Exact Audiences

The use of SEM is also an efficient method for your business to reach your particular clients based on what their search intentions are. Through the use of keywords that are closely connected to what your business offers, you can make your ad campaigns appear only to certain customers who will use those keywords. Make sure that you choose the perfect keywords so that your ad will be triggered to appear, and this can greatly help you to make ads that are highly optimized.

7. You Can Appear On Related Keywords Of Your Competitors

It is highly recommended that you make search ads that can be triggered to appear on the related keywords of your competitors. Doing this, you will have a sure exposure on those certain keywords and a high probability of chance in converting the competitor’s clients to you.

8. Ad Visibility Can Boost Website Traffic

If search ads are optimized, the website will surely gain significant traffic since it will be seen on the peak spot of SERP or search engine results pages, on top of the organic results. This can be achieved if you are able to increase your ad’s quality considering the budget that you’ve set, how appealing the ad message is and if the bidding is optimized. Always keep in mind to maintain high visibility and relevancy for your ads in order to boost your traffic.

9. Keyword Match Type Can Help Target The Right Audience

To help you look for the perfect keywords for your business, you can make use of the Google Keyword Planner tool. By using the specific keyword match type (i.e. exact, phrase, broad match), you are sure to hit the right audience for your ad campaigns.

10. Your Ad’s Performance Can Be Tested And Measured

For each of your campaigns, you have the ability to test the performance of your ads and also measure the results that you could gather. You will have access to thorough information on which of your ads is best in performing with regards to clicks, impressions, as well as the keywords that are performing, the click through rate (CTR) and more. You can check the goals that you have for each campaign to evaluate its performance and pinpoint the things you can improve on so as to continuously optimizing your ad campaigns.

11. You Can Get Your Customer’s Attention At The Right Time

Statistics show that about 90% of people who are making queries in search engines know what they are looking for. They know what to type in the search bar and are very much aware of what they want.

You can grab this as an opportunity for you to get that visibility that you need for your business. And this also means that your ads and content are just a click away from a very engaged audience.

If you decide to push for this method, make sure to talk to an SEO and SEM expert to know how you can make it work for your business.

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