6 Ways To Increase Your Domain Authority

One of the most important factors that will determine your ranking on search engines is the domain authority. Some webmasters overlooked DA, while some don’t even work on it.

What is Domain Authority (DA)? It is a website metric with a scale from 0 to 100; 100 being the highest score and 0 being the lowest score. The higher the DA score, the better it will be as you are more likely to get quality traffic and achieve a higher ranking. DA is calculated by lots of factors, and one of this is the number of backlinks and the backlink profile of your website.

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Here are the 6 ways to increase your website domain authority:

1. Check The Technical Aspect Of Your SEO

Google algorithm continues to bring impacts to many of the websites. However, no matter how the system changes, the optimization of your SEO and the vital steps in increasing your DA remains the same. Going through the technical of your SEO includes keyword usage, site structure, meta and header tags, alt tags, and more.

2. Quality Content

Always remember quality over quantity. No matter how many times you publish an article, if the readers won’t find it informative and engaging enough, it will be deemed as irrelevant. Writing quality content is not easy because you still need to consider the trends and the current situation happening in the virtual community. Hiring a professional copywriter can help you with that, and doing such can help you with your DA. Quality contents gain new backlinks, and readers will even share it with others through social media platforms.

Here are some important reminders to take note of when making a quality content:

  • Do some research and browse all scholarly articles that can be used as your related literature. Credibility and trustworthiness are the qualities you want to establish with your readers.
  • Long but keep it consistent with the main idea and connect the paragraphs to one another. Publish content that consist of 2,000 words with reliable source at the end.
  • Another way to deliver a clearer intent is through examples, pictures, and multimedia content.

Suitable for visual learners and other type or readers to make it more engaging and not boring to the eyes.

3. Assess The Quality Of Your Backlinks

Creating quality backlinks are essential to increase your website DA. It works by mentioning websites with its links in the same topic and relevant content. Explore blogging sites like Quora will help you create new content ideas by connecting with professionals in the same industry as you.

Whenever a backlink happens, it’s like a vote for your website. However, avoid exchanging links with other authority websites and don’t spam forums and other blogs by adding irrelevant comments with your links.

4. Internal Linking

Internal linking will reduce the bounce rate of your website as it keeps the reader engaged. Internal linking also helps Google to crawl your website effectively and efficiently. Ideally when you create an internal link, it will be best to use the target keyword as the anchor text.

5. Obtain Quality Links

Instead of link exchanging, go the legit ways to get well-deserved links by guest posting on other blogs or platforms, or use Q&A websites like Quora. Q&As are not only great for boosting your DA, but also you can take this opportunity to genuinely help people and answer to their queries.

6. Be Patient

Some business owners doubted SEO because it doesn’t generate immediate results. You cannot expect time-based results when it comes to SEO as it requires time to achieve your desired goals. It’s the same thing when talking about DA. Every website on the internet always starts with a DA of 1 even though you have hundreds of contents ready to be published. Eventually, in years of running your SEO, the score of your DA will increase.

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