6 Email Marketing Terms You Need To Know

To give you a quick boost of email marketing fluency, here are the 6 email marketing terms that you should know.

1. List Segmentation

List segmentation works best for emails to create better automation. You can divide your list in terms of industry, age, location, new and returning customers, etc. The list can be used for creating automation or to funnel into automation. By separating your list into different segments, you can better target each segments using personalized marketing message.

2. Bounce Rate

Similar to the Bounce Rate in Search Engine Optimization – In email marketing, it measures the percentage of emails that were not delivered in your email marketing campaign. There are two types of bounce rate, hard bounce rate and soft bounce rate.

3. Hard Bounces

Hard bounces are emails that were not delivered. It can be due to incorrect email address or your email server has been blocked by subscriber’s email server. The latter can happen when you tried to send out multiple emails all at once, which lead to their email server flagging your email address as a spam.

4. Soft Bounces

Soft bounce rate means that your email was successfully delivered, but it bounces back due to some technical issues such as full inbox, the email server was down at that specific time, or the email contains large attachments.

5. Open Rate Vs Total Open

In email marketing, it is important to know the difference between open rate and total open. Open rate measures the number of users who opened your email whereas total open measures the number of times the email has been opened. For example, if a recipient open up your email twice, it will reflect the total open as 2.

6. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

In email marketing, CTR refers to the ratio of recipients who click on a specific link in your email to the number of total users who view the email. It is used to measure the success and effectiveness of an email marketing campaign.

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