6 Best Tags For Effective Marketing

Going back to the very first zone of digital era, smartphones were the most used gadget by the people and it paved way to new essential methods that you can incorporate daily in your life. Moving forward today, it became more integrated and innovated to cater all the needs of the users and responding to social and economical issues. With the increasing number of users, there are also new emerging software applications that are useful in collecting and harnessing web data. This is what we called Tag or Tags.

These are code snippets that allow a webmaster to collect specific data about a user on your website or mobile applications. It functions in different ways like what we have with Facebook’s Pixel that helps to show your ads to the right target audience, and Google Analytics that help you in understanding the behaviour of the website visitors. Of course, anything of these wouldn’t work without the presence of Google in between, with their Google Tag Manager (GTM). It is a web-based interface that allows you to implement different third-party tags on your website in a more efficient way.

Stepping into the SEO industry has a lot of things to comply and this is one of them. However, if you aren’t familiar about these tags, just continue reading up to the very last word.

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1. Google Optimize

A/B Testing in marketing is a method in figuring out the best online promotional and marketing strategies, and this led to the user interface design on your webpage. Google Optimize can help you with that. It is a software online application that will help you in creating multiple versions of your website and figure out what feature and system design works best for you. It can help you analyse the behaviours of the users on multiple versions and responding to their experience.

Using Google Optimize can open up to new possibilities that you can incorporate with to your website due to the fact that it is a user-based engine specialized to create a more optimized website that you can offer to the users. You can explore into different options about colour scheme and palette, image formatting, and many more. Google Optimize is best used for conversion rate optimization.

2. Hotjar Tracking Code

It is important to keep track and follow up the records of your website as these will help you in the improvement and optimization processes. With the increasing number of users in the virtual community, there can be various behaviour that the users are demonstrating when visiting your website.

As a web owner, monitoring all the activities in your website is not easy as it sounds, and you need a third-party application to do it for you. The recommended one to use is Hotjar, a software online application that will help you understand and monitor user’s behaviour all throughout the time spent. It can give you the information regarding on the status of your website like bounce rate percentage and drop off. It also gives you screen recordings, heatmaps and surveys to reveal the most used and ignored element features in your website through different representing colours of the data points. Hotjar is best used for understanding user behaviour on web pages.

3. Facebook Pixel

Almost 90% of the virtual community uses Facebook. The inherent feature of Facebook, which is the Messenger, provides the most convenient way of messaging and connecting to other people either near or far from your location. Facebook Pixel is important to use for your marketing strategy. It is an internal feature that is expert in monitoring the Facebook activity of your target market by using cookies and gives you information about the effectiveness of your marketing ads and campaigns ads. Facebook Pixel is best used for building targeted audiences for future ads, tracking conversions and remarketing campaigns.

4. MouseFlow For Form Tracking

If you’re a corporate website or even an eCommerce website that utilizes the feature of having an online form, MouseFlow is the best you’ve got. It is somehow similar to Hotjar, but it specifically monitors the activity of your website form. Mouseflow allows you to know what your form lacks and why some users didn’t fill up the form. It records the user mouse movements which can be used in developing a user-friendly website, and can be implemented with Google Tag Manager. MouseFlow is best used for tracking user behaviour on your website.

5. LinkedIn Insight

LinkedIn is somehow similar to Facebook Pixel. It allows you to track the conversion from LinkedIn ads, develop audience profile and for remarketing purpose. It provides you the audience demographics to penetrate effectively in your target market for higher chances of sale conversions. LinkedIn Insight is best used for conversion tracking of LinkedIn ads.

6. Twitter Universal Website Tag

Twitter universal website tag allows you to track the conversion rates of users after a promotional ad tweet and you can also track the cross-device conversions. Overall, Twitter tags give you the information whether your ad budget is being spent efficiently or not.


In SEO, you are in an intense competition market where every business owners and web masters maximize their resources to penetrate efficiently to their target market. With a strategic marketing plan, you can win the hearts of your customers, and you can even gather all the activities and information being made on your website. Collecting data from the users is not easy and you need those marketing tags that are mentioned above.

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