5 Ways To Improve Your Ranking On Google

To rank on top of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is not easy and is determined by a variety of factors. Having the right mindset, following a method for your internet marketing, and investing your time for website optimization can increase your ranking and boost your organic traffic. The process involved is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It can help your business in many ways:

  • Identify and create effective keyword to use
  • Create a winning strategy for your business website’s
  • Creating quality and enticing content
  • Expand your outreach via social media platforms

It is important to check all these boxes if you are looking for an opportunity to grow your business in the cheapest and effective way possible. The goal is to improve your website, be consistent, and adapt to new changes.

Here are the five ways to boost your ranking on Google:

1. Strong Foundation Approach For The Website

Users are always attracted to well-made websites, and that is the reason why some business websites placed higher on Google’s SERP than you. If people find your website unable to respond immediately with poor designs and navigation of features, they easily get turned off and leave. Even the best SEO efforts can be derailed and left unappreciated, so it is important take note on the quality and user experience (UX). Consider it making mobile-friendly or accessible to any gadget the user is using as Google’s algorithm update ranks based on mobile-friendly sites higher in search engine result.

Perform a good technical SEO audit to provide a clearer assessment of your website’s performance and provide only information that are necessary and answers to the people. Audit can give you an advantage over your competitors. If you are a small business targeting a specific location, choose a local SEO service that offers a free website audit. For an instance, finding the best SEO Company in Singapore can significantly impact your ranking in local search results.

2. Publish And Maintain Quality Content

 Google emphasizes the value of quality content on your website, and it is considered as the main factor to place higher on the SERP. Several algorithm updates have been made to penalized websites with spammy, meaningless, or duplicated content, clearly a Black-Hat SEO technique. It is not a surprise for some websites to rank high on search engines when creating quality content articles.

Key points to produce great content:

  • Create engaging content by leaving readers with questions and add interesting stories
  • Add relevant keywords and trustworthy links from other websites
  • Write brief and direct blog posts with useful information
  • Use relevant images, videos, or diagrams to best illustrate the content
  • Be accurate with the reports, statistics, and information sources

Update your content regularly and include topics that people enjoy reading and that they can learn something from it. If a page or blog is only composed of words with no relevance and contain meaningless keywords, your Google ranking will not rise at all.

3. Fix Your Website’s Loading Speed

Loading speed of your website is one first feature the web visitors must experience and, when it takes more than five seconds to load, they immediately lose sight and interest to proceed. This will result to an increase in bounce rate and a decrease in page viewers which affects your SEO ranking. Back to July 2010, Google made it clear that page-loading speed is a ranking factor in search results. You can increase your site’s load speed by using a cache plug-in, optimizing image sizes, minimizing web page redirects, and reducing plug-ins. A reliable local SEO provider knows how to optimize site speed.

4. Strategic Link Building

One of the effective ways to rank on Google is to step up your link building strategy. Google pays attention to both of your site’s internal and external links, and the keywords you created for your links will help people to discover the content of your webpage. Avoid using “click here” links because they have no value aside from the attached URL and bothering the users. Instead focus only on creating links that are out most relevant to your website.

Try creating rich keywords to improve your ranking and get more clicks on the linked page. When the founders of Google created this latest algorithm, they awarded websites with inbound links from other sites, and recognized this as helpful to users.

5. Keep Track Of Your Progress

To improve your ranking on search engine results page is to track your SEO progress since you started. When you hire an SEO professional to handle this kind of work, it is vital to always ask and they should give regular updates on the website’s performance and status, including:

  • Keyword effectivity
  • Number of trustworthy links on the site
  • Monthly analysis of visitors
  • Records of the average time a visitor spent on the site
  • Bounce rate report

All this information can help you understand to grow your business, get more clicks, attract potential buyers, and an increase in conversion of sales. This is just the basic marketing technique you can use to really establish your presence online and to stand out against to your competitors. There are some who look for shortcuts when they hear about the benefits of SEO, but a trustworthy SEO expert will explain everything and introduce you to the ways you need. Establish your goals, and start taking steps to achieve your desired ranking, but hire an SEO specialist first to start generating many leads and sales even today.

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