5 Reasons To Buy Old, Expired Domains

When we hear the word ‘expired’, we immediately think of it as useless, dangerous to use, and unable to function anymore. Just like buying something in the market, there is always expiration date to remind the consumers about the life-shelf of the product. It allows the consumers to maximize the product at a given time before it will be dangerous and ineffective to use. But in the SEO industry, there is a slight difference compared to reality, and it happens on web domains.

Expired domains are not that useless, it still has some values, and there are some reasons why you need to buy one. The causes of an expired domain are the following:

  • Failed renewal of the contract
  • Failed payment method
  • The owner may have found another better domain
  • The owner does not require the domain anymore

Domains are given 30-day extension to renew their contract or agreement and if failed to do so, it will be under auction for seven days before it will be labelled expired.

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1. Off-Page Optimization

As it is an old and used domain, there are still some existing links on it, which can be very helpful by incorporating it to your website. Especially if the backlinks are linking to quality content, then that would be great for your off-page SEO.

301 Redirect: This is a process of redirecting an old domain to your website. By using the 301 redirect, you can successfully move the information you considered as “necessary” to the newer webpage in the same category.

Create A Microsite: This is a more meticulous approach that involves creating a mini-site using an expired domain for the primary purpose of linking it to your website. Microsites form a bigger structure called a private blog network (PBN) which is a mini website to link your main website. SEO experts have studied PNB and performed to integrate it, and if equipped with the right skill, this will help your ranking on the SEPRs.

2. Building A High Domain Authority Website

Building a high authority website is not as easy as it seems compared to publishing content. And even managing it requires a skilful web administrator. It entails a lot of dedication and time investment to increase your SEO authority the same as you need to boost your ranking on search engines. The magic behind buying an old domain is that it will serve as a new avenue to host your new website, and all the previous optimization made on that old domain will be inherited to you.

3. Old Domain Still Receive A Lot Of Traffic

Expired domains, especially high-ranked domains still receive a reasonable amount of traffic on their website, and it is such a strategic move if you buy one to attract and transfer those traffic to your website. This part of the process requires a tech-savvy individual to get you into the right set-up because it should be aligned and related to your website, and not just a random, expired domain.

4. Older Domain Is A Better Option For Search Engines

The older the domain, the better, and that is what search engines are looking for. In perspective, people have more trust in the elders because of the experiences and lessons they have been through on their entire life which can be very pleasing where they will give you pieces of advice and impart moral values. Back on the discussion, the two main reasons why search engines prefer old domain rather than new domain are:

  • Better and reliable content where a lot of users are still using
  • Lesser risk of spam and knows how to anticipate Black Hat SEO attacks

Aside from those two, it is obvious that old domains are ranked higher than new domain. Users are more likely to engage and read old but quality content as it gone through modifications every year made by credible authors.

5. Resell High DA Expired Domain For Profit

For extremely high DA expired domain, you can resell it to gain some profit and there are two ways on how to make it. 

  • Domain Flipping: This is a short-term purchase aimed at making immediate profits from selling as many expired domain names as quickly as possible. It is a good avenue to gain some profit while managing your main website, more like a side-line. 
  • Domain Investing: Domain investing is way better than domain flipping. In this case, you are going to sell an expired domain name and bid it to potential buyers, whoever offer the huge investment, will get the domain. 


Buying an expired domain will serve as your base for building a more competitive, well-optimized website than before. This kind of opportunity is where you can use to obtain better existing off-page SEO and re-fabricate your main website from the benefits of buying an old domain. Nothing can withstand with the ability that you can sell it for a profit with great benefits for you and for the business. It is all about investment and genuine dedication.

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