5 Reasons Why SEO Web Design Can Help a Business To Succeed

Part of managing or owning a business is being able to compete in the industry that you are in. And since you have a huge opportunity in the Internet through the use of search engines, you’d never want to miss out on making your website SEO optimized to drive organic traffic to your web page and achieve top rankings at the same time.

You might be wondering why we should focus on a small thing called SEO web design. Why not go big right away? Well, bear in mind that every success and failure of a business can be influenced even by the slightest decisions made. It’s best to have knowledge than to act without thinking.

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Most businesses online don’t seem to appreciate the value of SEO web design. And here are conclusive reasons why it’s important in a business’ success:

1. You Get The Appropriate Glare Of Publicity

According to statistics, 44% of Internet users will notify a friend about a bad website experience. 80% checks and reads the reviews before paying for a product or service. 79% will never go back to the same bad web page. A negative online reputation can cost a business 70% of its potential market. And 50% will flee from the web page.

You don’t want any of this glare publicity; it is bad for business and it can have an impact on your ROI. Here are the things that you need to keep an eye on:

Positive Reviews As Well As Decent Rating From Clients

SEO web design actually has an impact on your site visitors, creating a long and lasting impression of your business or brand. If they are pleased with your service from the beginning up to the closing of the transaction, or if they could learn more from what they were looking for, it’s going to be sure positive reviews for you.

Always keep in mind that good reviews and ratings can greatly affect consumer decisions on whether continuing any types of transaction with you or not.

However, if your web design is efficient for the user, you will get better reviews. You can also drive more traffic to your web page through the reviews of Google as well as Yelp.  

Social Media Audience

When we do SEO for your website, we think about how we can maximize our brand’s visibility in the different places of the Internet.

If your web page has an SEO web design, social media sharing can easily be done directly from the site. It has widgets that are placed cleverly that can exhibit how popular you’ve become in social media. When these users start sharing content for example, from your page, this is actually even better than an ad because it’s regarded as a personal reference.

Social media platform sharing will help in building awareness for your brand. With this, it can increase the number of high-quality web page traffic. Search engines will see this and will positively affect your visibility in the SERPs.

Connected With Influencer

They can share your content and even link to it. With this, you are likely to attract more traffic because they know you. A good example is if your potential client could recognize someone within your industry being connected to you; it can boost up your website traffic.

2. Your Ads Will Be Even More Efficient

If you are running paid ads, you know how it can greatly affect your site’s overall ranking in search engines. AdWords advertising can help in bypassing the normal way of ranking process, getting your business to appear at the top instantly, but of course for a certain price.

SEO for your web page can build a seamless experience of an ad wherein the journey for the person clicking it continues. Optimized landing pages will guide users on the next step that they can do. It can substantially boost up the conversion rate, resulting to higher return on investment for the ad you’ve spent while the costs of customer acquisition decreases at the same time.

If you don’t have website that is optimized, you will end up paying for ad clicks from those who are not happy being at your site and choose to leave instantly. Your time and effort are completely wasted.

3. It Supports How People Spend On Shopping & Behavior In Browsing & Buying

Majority of the Internet traffic that came from mobile users has reached to 60% according to statistics. If you are just focusing on optimizing for desktop users, then you could be losing money in no time.

Because of technological convenience, most people would rather use their mobile phone when visiting the Internet. You would want to create another mobile layout separately and not just spend all of your money for a website layout that’s responsive. You have to make sure that you’re site’s mobile version is working perfectly since this can improve traffic as well.

And, more people are visiting the Internet through the use of a mobile phone, and once it’s a bad experience with your web page; they will move on to a better working site and won’t even bother to look for a laptop or desktop just to visit you again.

So how do local businesses optimize their mobile browsing?

Optimizing for mobile is considered more vital than a speedy site. It’s also more than just enhanced text and images for mobile phones. Even though all of which are deemed important, mobile SEO is even more.

4. It Continues To Pay You Back

So long as you sustain it; this long-term venture will continue to pay you back. You can keep your ranking position in search engines results pages for just a minimal maintenance every month. Returns will start to grow, seeing a snowball effect. This is what you can see:

  • First 3 months

During this period after investing in SEO for your website, you will see changes in the user interaction towards your page. They stay longer; they click through and are led to other sites and conversions rates will boost if you have optimized for it.

You will be enjoying more benefits from search and social media advertising. Before, you will notice that even if you attract a lot of users, they don’t actually turn out to be clients. However, with the method applied, you will be seeing a sustainable and measurable return on the cost you spent for your marketing when these consumers land through these channels.

Even if your traffic does not come from organic search results, and you still continue to drive more traffic through referrals and ads, Google will notice that you are helpful to such users. However, you need to be consistent on this matter and keep up the momentum.

  • 4 to 6 months

At this point in time, you web page is already built, and you are adding fresh content frequently such as videos, blogs, quizzes, tools and other relevant content that your market would definitely like. You are establishing an excellent track record on keeping your visitors happy.

Here, you may be finished with your research for keywords and have built an awesome content with them; you will be ranking for keywords that are less competitive, and you’ll be driving traffic organically in no time. And investing in local SEO will make you rank easily in your local vicinity.

  • 6 to 9 months

Google will be aware of your efforts and will be rewarding you for doing everything without using bad and unacceptable strategies. You can check with authority estimators such as Moz and see that your website authority is boosting up. With this, it won’t be hard for you to compete anymore for more search inquiries.

  • 9 to 12 months

This time, you will most likely see your business continue to grow in sales and in website traffic not unless if you have a very seasonal business type. You can think of limitless growth and possibly obtain them one by one.

If you’re not sensitive and not paying attention at all, it’s possible that you can easily be dethroned from your ranking position, especially if you have a very competitive opponent.

There’s what we call negative or black hat SEO system. Deceitful experts in SEO can play around with it and when you are caught by Google, they will penalize you.

If you have someone who is knowledgeable in SEO, this person can watch the analytics as well as identify how the competitors are doing around you. However, always do the right thing and avoid performing any black hat SEO techniques. Work only with white hat SEO

  • 12 months and beyond

During this time, your website will be in maintenance each month. Fresh content is published all the time; changes will be adapted that are necessary for any updates. Your business will continue to grow since the site traffic also boosts and conversions are easier.

5. It Maximizes Your Allocated Marketing Budget

SEO is very important to your ad promotions and reputation online, so let’s try to understand marketing deeper with it.

You are paying for site traffic through AdWords, Facebook and other known platforms. You may also be posting other stuff in social media just to boost traffic organically. And if you are not achieving organic traffic, then you will likely be spending a lot of time and money in managing these paid ads strategy. And you will be spending more if you don’t have the specific analytical tools that most digital marketing firms have to enhance management.

We know that it may be a necessary thing to do just to drive traffic to your web page, but depending on it will be very expensive. It won’t be a long-term and sustainable business approach for your company if you spend 75% to 90% of your client’s initial purchase.

And if you have your ads on your social media profiles, then driving traffic will also stop at the same time. You won’t be getting a long-term pay-off.

SEO is a lasting method with maintenance every month, but it does not exclude the other since they can work together. Driving traffic organically will be less costly for you in the long run.

An Idea On How You Can Get An SEO Web Design

Common questions asked by most businesses are as follows:

  • How do I apply SEO method for my web page?
  • How can achieve the top #1 spot ranking in Google?
  • When applying SEO for my website, will it really boost the traffic?

Anyone can create a free website through WordPress or Wix for their business. However, a new site can’t be found in search engine results pages that easily. Some have had their website for how many years but later realized they need to boost traffic. There are many ways on how you can develop a site and increase traffic.

SEO web design will help in maximizing your website’s exposure. If you incorporate this method to your page, it will give you the best results and achieve higher ROI.

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