[Part 3] 45 Benefits of SEO & Why SEO is Essential to Every Business Online

In this final part, we will provide you the last set of 15 SEO benefits that you will gain if you incorporate an effective SEO strategy to your digital marketing plan.

31. SEO increases website’s time-on-site

When the click-through-rate of your website continues to rise, it is more likely that your website’s time-on-site will increase too. Time-on-site is defined as the duration your visitors stayed on your website. The longer your visitors stay on the website, the more likely they going to buy your products or engage in your offered services. In addition, it will indirectly boost your SEO ranking.

32. SEO enhances the security of your website

A secured website is considered as one of the vital ranking factor in SEO and will significantly influence your website SEO ranking. An effective SEO strategy will force you into implementing secure features such as Secure Sockets Layer (or SSL encryption) on your website to protect website visitors from internet malware like viruses and frauds.

33. SEO increases the speed of your website

The loading speed of your website will affect your website ranking in SERPs. Websites with fast loading speed are easier to crawl and will enhance general user experience to your visitors. It reduces bounce rates and improves conversion rates. According to a research by Google, the average mobile site takes approximately 15 seconds to be fully loaded. However users expect the website to load in less than 3 seconds before they consider exiting the website. In another word, every second counts as conversions will drop significantly with every additional second your site takes to load. If you want to rank better, improve your website speed.

34. SEO enhance the user experience (UX) of your website

In reference from the previous few points, it was said that having a safe, secure and fast loading website will improve the overall user experience for all visitors. It is important to note that the goal of Google’s search engine is to provide the most relevant and best user experience to all search users. This is also a requisite if you want to rank high in Google search engine. You will just have to offer a great user experience platform in order to be relevant.

35. SEO is growing rapidly

SEO spending is expected to increase to about $80 billion by 2021, and it is probably much higher than online advertising spending revenue. The reason why SEO continues to grow is that it works. Take this opportunity to jump start on the SEO bandwagon before it becomes too saturated. And perhaps your competitors may have more than likely implemented SEO strategies on their website by the time you are reading this article.

36. SEO has becoming mobile

Mobile platform is the future of online community in which 50% of Internet users are mobile users. Therefore it is advisable that the website should exhibit mobile-friendly features such as mobile responsiveness. When we say mobile responsive, it means that the layout and/or content of the website will responds automatically and adapts based on the size of mobile screen they are being presented on. Optimizing your website for SEO is a gateway to prepare for the next generation of marketing in which search engines will favour your site if it’s mobile friendly.

37. SEO help you stand out from the crowd

There are approximately 250 million websites on the Internet and an average user only knows for about 10% of what Internet has to offer. The reason of aiming for high SERPs rankings is that it will help you stand out among those millions of websites accordingly. Just ask yourselves, how often you clicked on page 2 of the Google SERPs? Ranking your website on the 1st page of Google will definitely bring you more leads and hopefully, more conversion.

38. SEO is focus-targeted

SEO is a keyboard-based which means that the search result will be based on the keywords that users had searched for. The point advantage is for you to reach to people who are looking on what your business can exactly offer. The keyword targeting ability of SEO is one of the primary reasons why it delivers and filters the most qualified traffic to the website.

39. SEO traffic is the real deal

When we say SEO traffic is the real deal, it means that your website visitors aren’t there for fun. Instead they are in a real need to solve their problems. Finding a solution on the Internet can sometime be very time consuming. Make them click and visit your website to look for the specific solution you can offer that others can’t. This is one of the benefits an SEO can do and perform. As long as you value and understand what your visitors want, you will have much success with SEO.

40. SEO rankings last forever

Well, technically your website ranking will not last forever. However if you are diligently updating your website content and follow closely on the best SEO practices, it is rather hard to screw up your SEO ranking. Take note that you should not employ any black-hat SEO practices into your ranking strategy. Black-hat SEO is a frowned-upon tactics to lure search engines to rank the website. You don’t have to worry about this if you are going to use a trusted and verified SEO agency. Once you’re on top of the SERPs, it will be a call for celebration, or you may begin to expand into new keywords for your website.

41. SEO eliminate cold-calling and other traditional strategies

Tired of traditional advertising and marketing strategies such as giving out flyers, or generating undesirable results from magazine advertisements, or the anxiety from cold calling people who aren’t still interested to buy from you? Well, SEO is a great avenue to break-free from these.

42. SEO double, triple, or quadruple your business

Want to multiply your business? SEO is the answer for that. It can double, triple or quadruple your business as it will generate a huge market exposure for people to find your business. With an effective SEO strategy in place, you can expand not just in your location but in a worldwide scale as your new marketplace.

43. SEO help you attract talent

SEO is a magnet to attract talents. Almost everybody who is looking for a job will start their job searching journey on Google. Invest into a SEO strategy and optimize your website to rank for the positions you are hiring to eliminate the hefty recruitment fees and acquisition cost.

44. SEO is relatively affordable

Talking about long-term marketing cost and potential return, SEO is definitely more affordable as compared to traditional way of advertising such as TV commercial, printed advertisement, billboard placement, etc. A Typical pricing for an SEO service ranges from $800 to $1,600 per month depending on the scope of work, and the return is invaluable. Once you appear on the 1st page of on SERPs, expect to receive thousands of free hits.

45. SEO is the smartest marketing investment

SEO benefits are endless and it is considered as one of the smartest marketing investment you can make. It is a long-term asset to your business as it generates traffic, leads and potential sales. If you want to grow your business without cold-calling, networking, or other forms of ‘push’ advertising, invest into an SEO campaign today.

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