[Part 2] 45 Benefits of SEO & Why SEO is Essential to Every Business Online

In an earlier article, we discussed some of the benefits of SEO and its use for online business. We have given you the top 15 benefits of SEO and we would like to add more to that list.

Today, we will be providing you another set of SEO benefits. Bring out your pen and paper and start taking down notes. I bet you don’t want to miss these things you need to know why you have to consider SEO when doing business online.

Are you excited to learn more about SEO’s benefits? Here are 15 more benefits of integrating SEO to your online business:

16. You can measure your progress through SEO

As they say, you can determine how far you have gone or how successful you have become if you are able to measure it. If it’s something you cannot measure, then it will be impossible for you to claim that you have succeeded. Same applies to SEO. One of the ways to measure how effective your SEO strategy is, is by measuring your conversions and the source of your conversions. Your website rankings and organic traffic can also be used to gauge your SEO strategy’s effectiveness. One great way to find this out is through the help of an SEO company or through some great tools found online.

17. Offline sales will never be an issue with SEO

Majority of the time, customers have already browsed the internet prior to visiting a store’s website and decide to purchase. The generation today dwells on the internet. Everything they do can be found digitally. The internet is a very convenient and powerful tool for consumers right now for they can get information about a certain product, place, person or service right at their fingertips. When consumers finally buy your product online, expect that they have made their diligent research prior to deciding to buy. Majority of the time, people buy from websites that gained their trust through the valuable contents they have taken from them. Hence it is important to keep your content valuable and useful for internet users and potential customers in order to establish credibility and trust.

18. Spend less with SEO compared to paid advertising

The big difference between SEO and SEM (paid advertisements) is that SEO is FREE. Although you may need to hire people who know how to improve your SEO strategy, the cost is still less compared to paid advertisement. This is statement is supported by the statistics that the average CPC (Cost Per Click) considering all the industries is $2.32. If you can bring organic results just by using an effective SEO strategy, why spend money for a page to be seen when you can work your way up in the organic search?

When you have already established your page ranking on SERPs, through the use of effective SEO strategy, you may start forgetting about your PPC budget. Since SEO does not disappear overnight, you may pause your PPC advertising campaigns and focus on maintaining a user-friendly website or produce a valuable content. This way, you will not easily lose your page ranking on SERPs and save money in the long run.

19. Grow your SEO before your competitors do

Your business is online, so does your competitors. And before you know it, they have already ranked higher than you on SERPs. So before that horrible thing happens, it’s crucial for you to start acting now. Optimize your webpage’s aesthetic and put more value to your content. Work on relevant keywords and your blog’s metadata. There is more to learn on SEO. There’s on-page and off-page SEO. We’ll talk more about that on our next articles.

20. Be at par with larger companies through SEO

Most start-up companies are insecure with larger and established companies in terms of Ad Words and paid advertisements. They have more money to draw and fund their advertisements and can reach more audiences and run their ads for a longer period of time. But you don’t have to spend even a single minute to think and stress about it because the secret lies on SEO. An effective SEO strategy may save you tons of money and will help you show up on the ranking. You don’t have to rely on advertisements, your webpages will be crawled and your business will surface on the internet, thus, giving you more exposure.

21. Get your market share by the help of SEO

This may sound unbelievable but most of the internet researchers do not scroll past the first page of SERPs. Majority of the time, they will click on the first links on top of the page. Due to this behavior, some other businesses who are low-ranking are not known by these potential customers, unless of course if they scroll to page 10-20 of Google. When your webpage is visited by the internet users and you gain massive followers and visitors, you are gaining a market share. In the world of Search Engines, Google takes more than 75% of the market share. The remaining 20+% are being shared by Yahoo!, Bing, Gaido and other search engines.

22. Enter the global market through SEO

Your website products and services should not just target local communities but also you must aim to reach the global audience. This will help you broaden your market and learn new opportunities for your business. By using relevant keywords, and analyzing your SEO insights, you will be able to identify what worked and what did not work. You need to have a strong SWOT analysis in order you to carefully plan for your next course of action. You can go to the search engines to get qualified traffic to your new offerings, helping you enter new markets.

23. Add more value to your business using SEO

When you are able to optimize your ranking by the help of SEO, you are showing the world that your business provides value considering the fact that your page made it to the first page of SERP. It is not easy to belong to the first page of SERPs and this alone would add credibility to your site. And that is one favorable thing about SEO, when you made it to the top, you surely would be able to gain more visits and possible sales. And that is all because of SEO.

24. All your online marketing activities can be integrated through SEO

When we talk about SEO, we are talking about online/digital marketing. Your web presence which comprise of your branding, web page design and user interface, content and media marketing, social media marketing services and online advertising is the deciding factor of your SEO ranking. All these attributes influences your status online and will either make or break the success of your online business. This doesn’t happen overnight though, you have to carefully plan about it and strictly implement the strategy you chose to improve your SEO.

25. You get your ROI in a short period of time through SEO

Every business owner who invests in a business looks after the length of time when can they get their money back. The shorter period of time for them to wait for their ROI (Return of Investment), the better for them to invest, the more they are willing to share their funds.

According to latest studies which were conducted, it shows that organic traffic can result to more than 40% of business revenue. It was also found out that local searches have over 18% of purchase made within the same day. .

26. SEO equals Publicity

One popular SEO strategy that is used by many online business owners is back linking. It is where links from external websites route to your website. The more backlinks you have, the more credible you are perceived by the internet users. The web crawlers will also recognize your website to be a good reference for future researches. Thus your website will be indexed and will have a high chance to show on the first page of SERPs. Your website will be taken as relevant and valuable by most internet users which can be measured through the frequency and number of clicks.

27. Get your number one spot on Social Media Platforms

Next to Google where people hang out are different social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Therefore, your SEO should also focus and consider the algorithms of these social media platforms. Prepare and create your accounts in these platforms if you plan to reach a wider audience. Different social media platforms cater different audience demographic. Although, the source where they would usually come from will be through Google and will be redirected to your social media pages if you were able to post your links on your website. These people who would visit your social media pages will likely follow you and be your frequent visitor if they find valuable content on your channels. Therefore, it is important to always keep a piece of content with value to attract more leads which may potentially convert to sales.

28. Email marketing made easier through SEO

To maximize your web presence, you may take advantage of gathering emails from your website visitors to be your email newsletter subscribers. A free content or trial period is a good magnet to capture your visitors’ email addresses. Make sure to make use of the features of your website to be able to collect their email address. One good strategy is to have a pop-up message when your visitors scroll until the middle of your first page, and offer your pitch. These people who were able to scroll until the middle of your page means you were able to catch their interest that’s why they hang on and read your materials until the end. With this in mind, there is a high probability that they will sign up and take your offer in exchange of their email address. You can then have this data collected and utilize them for your email marketing campaign – making your digital marketing more reliable and effective.

29. Get more views for your blogs through SEO

If you know your customer avatar and you know how to target their soft spot, and bring them to life through your blog posts, they will likely be able to relate and resonate with your topics and messages. When people see themselves as the subject on your writing, they will continue reading and will watch out for your next blog post. Most people want free resources and some wants to be heard and know that someone understands them. Depending on your purpose and audience demographic, make sure that your content is relevant and your tone is appropriate so you can magnet as much viewers as you can through your blog posts. Aside from relevant topics, relevant keywords should also be used in your blog posts to have a higher chance of being found by the web crawlers. When this happens, the more visitors you have, the better chance of belonging to the top of the SERPs.

30. Improved Click-Through Rate

When your website has high Click-Through Rate, there is a possibility that you will also have more leads converted to sales. However, you have to be careful because it’s always not the case. There are some advertisements that have low click-through-rate but with high sales conversion and there are some that have high CTR but low sales conversion. An SEO analyst can make use of this information to adjust the type of advertisement they use or change the keywords used to improve their CTR. However, your paid advertisement’s adjustment depends on your purpose. For a start-up business, it is better to stay big and stay scrappy to get the most value of your investment. Since SEO is free and can be managed by careful planning and strategy, it would be possible for your website to have a higher percentage of CTR without spending for paid advertisements.

Woah, that’s a handful of benefits of SEO, are they? Don’t be surprised if I tell you that there are more. Watch out for our next issue for we will be providing you more of SEO benefits. Stay tuned!

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