4 Link Building Techniques To Avoid

One of the important factors to improve your ranking on search engines is through backlinks. However, there are some techniques that others are using but are totally harmful to your SEO and the website generally.

Here are 4 link building techniques that should be avoided. Also, do avoid any SEO agencies who practices these 4 techniques.

1. Spamming The Comment Section

It is a good thing that you’re responding 24/7 to the comment section of your blog or article as this will increase your credibility. But you should avoid spamming the comment section with links that may be viewed as useless and irrelevant for the readers and web visitors. If they read your blog, it is a clear manifestation that they find your content informative and engaging. However, if you continue spamming them with links that aren’t even connected to one another, it will greatly affect the ranking of your website. It is best to publish one link and making it effective and cohesive for the readers.

2. Using Forum Profile Links

Basically, forum profile links are another type of backlinking that can somehow establish interaction with web visitors. For example, when you answer a question or survey on an online forum with a follow-up signature, it is reasonable to a backlinks in the signature. However, if you spam it with multiple backlinks, your profile may be classified as a spam website.

3. Suspicious Link Networking

Unexpected high bounce rates can happen to your website, and this is maybe due to wrongfully linked networks. It usually happens when a web owner buys an expired domain, then cross-linking the sites to increase the rank of both sites. Since Google algorithm regularly changes, with the high bounce rate, Google can immediately detect it and likely to penalize your site.

4. Press Release

These are information or content released from a press through different online platforms. It was widely popular back then, and many websites were using it. However it was deemed ineffective and downgraded by search engines in 2014. Google also claimed that press releases should not be followed since it was more into advertising and not a credible source of information for the people. If you’re planning to build a strategic backlink, better consult the main source of the information because using press releases is just all about brand awareness and advertising. Remember, if the user does not find it informative and credible, it will be useless which can jeopardize your ranking.


Don’t trust everything you see on the internet, do your own research and find the best technique or option that can really help your website and will improve your SEO. Creating a strategic backlink shouldn’t be underestimated as you might end up falling into unethical traps. Always talk to a trusted SEO company in Singapore if you have any questions or require further consultation.

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